Footy fun sailing

As I enjoy relaxing with a footy as well as competing with one most of my boats are scale like in apperance. The must be more like me about so how about some pics as I am running out of ideas. My latest project is one loosely based on an American cat boat but I would welcome suggestions as long as they are constructive. Keep up the good work, Bob


As the UK Clas Secretary, I am concerned that we should not get too heavily locked inti eyeball-to-eyeball racing. If you have any thoughts that would help increase your enjoyment of Footys as you like them, please let me know!

I keep making this plea, but nobody ever responds (said Eeyore).


There is a man on these boards by the name of Flavio.

His boats are a sight to be seen. Here is a sample of his scale like builds, from a past thread:

Dear friends,

I am happy to know that there are persons interested to “pleasant” sailing , having only ducks as competitors .

I am also happy to have a confirm about the interest to half-scale footys or - at least - to something that is not too ugly.

By the way I have done my best to show that nice boats are sometimes also good performers.

To kill several birds with a stone my entry to the chris dick design contest is a model aiming to fulfill all these wishes :

  • nice looking half scale
  • good sailer
  • modern classic look
  • easy to build for unskilled “almost first time modellers”
  • suitable ( I hope ) for a school project
  • unsinkable and robust to be used as a toy

in other words, this is a cruising footy

frankly speaking is not clear to me if I can disclose details of my “Presto” before final judgment ( 29 november )

but , due to the fact that I have been disqualified before entering due to the fact that I ma not a UK designer, I will post here a general plan as well a short description of my new boat.

I am currently building the prototype in order to test my concept, as well to record all steps for a “building manual” to be enclosed to the plans.

My planning is to launch Presto within christmas

stay tuned !


Folgore ITA 5
Presto ITA 13

By the way these are ( poor ) pictures of a my own old , nice looking, semi scale footy - RAE - unfortunately this is not a boat for beginners, and to be honest the way I planned RC arrangement was a nightmare

Hi Flavio

It is still early here in US and not sure of what I am seeing on the small phone screen (3/4") thumbnail. The hull lines look strange but artistic. Is this thing ASymetrical?

Hi Frank,

both models shown on my post are symmetrical
( even if on a small screen lines looks different )

one unusual feature about Presto hull shape is the rounded transom ( rounded as seen on top view ) to gain additional lenght on waterline within the diagonal position inside rulebox corner

I enclose a free hand sketch ( made during a boring business phone call ) that should be useful to explain this point


High Angus, while not wanting to take anything away from the racing lads perhaps an ocasional event for scale like Footies migh be a bit of fun. It is also worth noting that at every club free sail day I attend its the little Fotties that attract the attention of youngsters and I spend far more time talking to dads about the little boats than I do about my one mtr. My gaff rigged Pintail in particular cane in for a lot of scruntiny at the last meet and one father even went as far to ask if it was for sale. It seems to me that if we want to encourage more people into the sport then perhaps a scale type event might be worth while. These people once hooked might well go on to become racers. What do you think, regards Bob

Nigel, thanks for the reply. Took your advice and checked out the site and ended up very impressed. Makes my poor efforts look pathetic, Regards Bob.

Hi Flavio

Great design, just what I’ve been looking for.


Hi Bob, here are a few photos of my own Pintail conversion called ‘Holly’. When I am sailing alone I especially enjoy semi-scale footys.

A steering event would be fun for these boats, they are typically very manoeverable in tight spaces and short of reversing I am sure they could handle an average club steering event. We might have to make sure you don’t use that motor though :sly:


Graham - that third photo is a work of art!

Incidentally, it’s quite possible to sail a boat backwards - or even diagonally backwards - if you know what you’re doing not difficult). Can’t just think offhand how you would have to rig the shhets/servo. One of you clever people will doubtless tell me.:graduate:

Any more good ideas for semi-scale events? If anyone can come up with anything, we’ll give it a whirl.:zbeer::zbeer:

High Graham, thanks for the pic. The way my luck is going at the moment I might end up using that motor. Another disaterous day at Branston this time water got into the boat. never mind they tell me its all good experince, Regards Bob

High Graham, many thanks for the pics. regarding the idea of a steering event this sounds like it could be amusing. With regard to the motor the way my luck is going at the moment I mignt end up using it if only to finish the course. Yet another disaster at Brandston this time water got into the boat. Still they tell me these problems are all down to experience, Regards Bob

A work of art I cannot take credit for Angus, Jan was the photographer so deserves the photo credit. I agree with you, she has a good eye behind the camera. Looks fine in front of it too of course :slight_smile:

I have successfully reversed out of a dock/gate which was in to wind but I think you are talking about doing it under actual control?

How about Footy Golf! Toss out a series of paired bouys/gates at random, sail a route from low score gate to high to score points or a zero for a touch. Put a time limit on and the highest scoring gate in an awkward spot, sail as many ‘rounds’ as you can. Totally off the top of my head so that may not be workable at all.


Sounds like a good idea!

Except for all the logistical stuff. You need to have something to get you thinking…

Looking at “Presto” brings up two rule questions that relate to two different designs by friends.

Q1. With Presto having a Bow Sprit, can it be placed in the box on the diaginal with the Sprit setting on top of the box corner? If not legal, then bow sprits are not possible on diaginal positioned boats?

Q2. Does a boat with a shallow draft have to rest on the bottom of the box or can it be propped up with a spacer so the deck is raised to just below the top surface of the box? If not, forcing a boat to rest on the bottom limits what can be done with sails.

My friends want solid answers to these questions so when they go to a regatta, they will not be disqualified.

It would be helpful to understand which Footy rules apply in both situations. Thanks for the help.

I think the shear has to be at the top of the box. I could be wrong though.

I saw one box here in Taronta, that had two strings going through the box, that the hull cradles in. The strings can be pulled from the side, to bring the shear up to the box top.


To Frank :

about the bowsprit matter -
With reference to :

B.2 The following may project above the top of the measurement box :sail(s),mast,spars, rigging,aerial,associated fittings
F.1 More than one bowsprit is prohibited.The bowsprit spar cross section shall fit within a 6.3mm diameter circle

So, if a bowsprit can be considered as “a spar” it may project above the box, provided that its diameter is less than allowed size.

My feeling is that the “spirit” of this rule is to avoid the improper use of an additional false bow to be defined by smart designer as a “bowsprit”

If needed , to clarify the point we can ask for an official rule interpretation


About the second point - it seems to me that a gap between the box bottom, and lowest part of the hull ( keel ) is legal.
By the way there are many boats that are not using all available draft to reduce “hobby horsing” ( such as Brett Mc Cormack designs )


The steering contest seems to me to be a wonderful idea.
Here in italy, years ago there was a “manouvering regatta” for sailing instructors to show seamanship : going backward, sideway, mooring, anchoring and doing almost everything under sail.

I don’t know if it has been stoped due to unbelivable crashes against piers, or due to the fact that in italy harbour manouvering under sail is now forbidden by coast guard.


If the Sprit can rest on top of the box, I wonder why they bothered to put a slot in the front of the box?

I have wondered about a flat sprit as a method to supply lift to bow during submarning? Does “Round” mean it must be so?

If you have a Sprit, does it have to have a sail attached?

Oh, my mind wonders so. I sure hope it is many years of enjoyment before a killer design rules the ponds.

P.S. Half @$$ did manage to win its first regatta in Florida. Our Tanglewood MYC hosts a regatta on Monday, Dec 8th. PM me for NOR.

To Frank,

I feel that a “virtual” bowsprit ( without sails ) used only as antisubmarining device would be not so efficient due to its small size ( less than 6 mm )

Round or square doesn 't matter

About the slot : you are right… why ?

The only answer I can imagine is that at the dawn of the rulebox, diagonal boats were not envisaged, and that when somebody ( who ? ) found this hole in the rule, such boats were then allowed.

Even if I have asked an unofficial rule interpretation about the bowsprit matter to a wise man, I have already found another trick to avoid troubles with rule compliance.

If you fit a fwd fixed boom to move jib lower corner further forward this is without doubt “a spar” , and it is allowed to go from mast pointing to nowhere fwd of the stem


I 100% agree with you about the point that we can enjoy footy class due to the fact that a “killer design” is not existing yet


Let us know more details about details of your BC 2… brett will be happy about that

have a nice day