Footy Euro Grand Prix

A Merry Christmas and Some News

First, a very merry Christmas to you all. And as you take Granny’s New Year Diary out of its wrapping, do the old girl a favour: put something in it.

The Footy Euro Grand Prix will be held in Bourneville (that’s in Birmingham for those who don’t know) on 14th July 2007. If we get super-marvellous entries, it may even extend to the 15th.

We hope to get young skippers from Malta, Sweden, Belgium and the United States – as well as the UK. Despite the emphasis on youth, the Euro Grand Prix is a full blooded, all out event. Really serious guys are invited to come and get really serious!

I know that nobody ever does it (sighs heavily) but if people could give me an indication of interest (not commitment) at this stage, I would be terribly grateful and would digest my Christmas turkey better !!!

Once again, Happy Christmas.

Angus Richardson
UK Footy Class Secretary

I thought Turkey was for the American thanksgiving? It’s nice to see that Turkey is still eaten at Christmas time.


when you can get turkey ya eat it! lol

I hope your regatte is a real success. Maybe it’ll change enough minds toget people inspired positively about the class and join in.:slight_smile: