Footy challenge

[:-bulb] Attention: especially US sailors -

I have found out that, although there is a good and growing interest in Footys on this and other forums and several ponds, only one ( 1! )is currently registered with the open class.

AMYA shows every current class on the photo pages, and only one non-class: the Footy !

It’s time to make it official! As soon as you can, if you own and sail a Footy (my PipSqueak will soon be on its way), send Stan Abadie your form and $7.00 for Open class registrations.

I am working on getting the Footy site up, and thanks to Chad, you can see my early efforts (which includes a link to AMYA registration forms).

Rules have been thoroughly discussed previously, and I plan on publishing a comprehensive draft rule on the Footy site. With 20 registered boats, the rules, and a temporary Secretary (Bill ?), we can apply for Class status.

That’s a Challenge !


Mine is well on it’s way, and I could probably even send off the reg forms as well. I figured it better to have a boat fully assembled prior to submission tho…


Don’t forget to have fun!!!

My ‘PipSqueak’ is on it’s way, and my newly applied-for AMYA registration/sail number should arrive at about the same time.

Hope we find all the Footy boats out there. I was just reading a post on another forum about MDF plugs by Bill who mentioned that he had made one previously for his Footy.

I’m looking forward to a municipal pool hosting next year’s Footy National Championship Regatta…

Bruce Crichton
Interlachen (“between the lakes”) FL USA
AMYA 14043

My kit should hopefully be here this coming week, and I eagerly await it. I started this Bob About a lil while back and am finally getting it to the latter half of assembly. Woohoo!!! I’ll eventually have five of these Bob Abouts and one Pip Squeak. But four of the Bobs will go to my kids.

AMYA #13417

Don’t forget to have fun!!!

Hey Bruce…thanks for your enthusiasm and hard work!

I’m particularly glad to see the link to registration on our new website, and I appreciate your efforts in encouraging people to register. Come on guys, it’s only 7 bucks. When we get 20 skippers registered we can become official.

The rules are in good enough shape (thanks to Brett and a little help from other friends) to start us off.

The question of Secretary is (as far as I’m concerned) still open, and it doesn’t need to be resolved until we get close to 20 skippers. I volunteered in the absence of other interested parties, but it’s by no means firm. If someone else would like to take it on (Bruce?) I’d be glad to talk about it.

Thanks again…Bill Hagerup

p.s. I think I posted a pic or two of my Footy plug made from laminations of MDF on the old forum. For those interested, there’s a great pictorial on how to do it that Todd Brown put out on the MinuteMan club website. Find it at I think that site would be a worthwhile link from our Footy site, Bruce, if you could make that happen.

[:-alien]Bill, sorry to report that your link does not seem to work.
Could you please check this.
Of course it could be me, knowing my skill level.

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

try this one

-Wis (aka Laurent)

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Thanks for the encouragement and enthusiasm, gentlemen…

The rules as I read the discussion on this forum look right to me, and I intend to format them for the ‘Footyclass’ site. (Thanks especially to Brett and Bill for the work on those)

The registrations should be pouring (bad water pun?) in as we continue our push for class recognition. As I mentioned, someone has done some good PR for the Footy class already, since the AMYA photo page has, I think, only one non-recognized class listed (Footy) (with Brett’s hand showing?). If any of your buddies has some scrap left over from his latest mega-project, BobAbout can be ‘tossed’ together rather quickly by a relatively experienced modeller (I’m not, so I elected to have Brett do most of my ‘heavy lifting’ by buying a PipSqueak kit). The plans are available from Brett still, I believe.

As soon as my rather heavy work-load at <ugh> my day-job subsides, I intend to do some serious work on the web-site, with links to rules, our discussions here, Suppliers and plans, etc. Again, thanks for the encouragement and interest.

Bruce Crichton
Interlachen (“between the lakes”) FL USA
AMYA 14043


I’m by no means an ‘experienced’ builder, but I’ve been successful (so far) in building a Bob About. I actually purchased the plans and keel bulbs from Brett, and sails from Jerry Power. The only differences I’ve done in my building, is to use 1/32 ply for the main hull panels and carbon spars for the rigging. By the time I’m done building though, I’ll have five of the lil buggers (4 shipped off to my kids) and a Pip Squeak to boot! (And a micro mono named Gecko from MHZ) Outside of the powered craft, I plan on registering all the yachts as I complete them. I truly hope this class can grow as some others have. The small investment cost is far less than some of the other small classes currently in the AMYA, it just means we’ll have to actually build the boat. 'Nuf said I guess…

AMYA #13417

Don’t forget to have fun!!!