FOOTY CALENDAR 2010 free download here !

My good romanian friend Gheorghe Tolan is , not only, a skilled modeller and boatbuilder but also a very professional user of advanced graphic softwares I am absolutely unable to understand.

Gheorghe will be - most probably - the builder of the very first romanian footy, meantime he has been so kindly to made a very nice Footy Calendar.

I have selected several nice photos, and he has used them in the best way.

I hope this calendar will be the first one of many others

see below the pictures …

Flavio & Gheorghe



A nice idea, and I am sure the pictures are terrific, but at over 1 Mb each one takes over 5 mins to download on my machine. Pehaps it is a function of this Forum - my machine is not normally that slow.

Is there another way they can be presented ?



Me, too. Igave up after more than 5 minutes. Rod

gheorghe sent me a revised version of calendar
files are now much smaller…


Hi Flavio

I know, this is not the right topic to ask, G Tolan (he is my friend too, I live in the same town, and have a Bobabout) told me about the Footy Euro GP in Poland. Can you tell a bit more about it?


Thanks to you and Gheorghe for posting and making the calendar, respectively

Pictures that draw you in and make you want to break out a Footy, as soon as the ice melts.

The January picture was taken at my first footy meeting, which shows also why the racing did not happen - Zero Wind!
BTW, its Moonshadow sailed that day by Angus in her original colour (before the South African mob (Kaffia?) repainted her)

I don’t see you, Flavio, among the drivers in the July picture so I assume you got a great start and have already walked out of the picture. Gary is there, so you had not got his boat kebabed on your bowsprit in this race!