Footy battery switch

What are people using to turn off the battery pack on Footys? I have been pulling a battery to turn off the receiver but that is getting pretty old.

As big as a Footy is, there isn’t much room for a swtich in the deck. Maybe one through the transom using a Dubro kwik-switch or just lifting the deck patch like you say.

More fancy would be a mini-stereo jack with a shunt, or a 2-pin Deans ( or other 2-pin) connector with a shunt from the outside. I’ve used a magnet with a reed switch on a scale boat once.

I’ve used a small ‘cord pull’ switch taken from an old bedhead light. I cyanoed the switch body to the inside of the hull skin and run the cord through a small hole near the top of the transom. A bright bead is attached which nestles close to the transom in the rest position. Make sure the orientation of the switch is correct for the radial operation of the switch, before fixing!