Footy Articles for AMYA Mag Due Now!

Hi guys,

Thanks to those who have submitted articles for the Footy issue of the AMYA magazine. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Some great things have been sent in, but there’s plenty of room for more.

Some of you are still working on articles you promised. I MUST have them by this Saturday, Feb 2. Don’t worry about wordsmithing to perfection…we have editors for that.

If anyone feels inspired and would like to submit an article we haven’t talked about, please do so!! Articles from anywhere in the world are gladly accepted on any topic related to Footys.

Please send them to me by Saturday, Feb 2 at

Thanks for making it a great issue.


im still trying to get the pics of mine tonight as i haven actualy got the boat to had what size pics do you want ive been told tiff files are to big to email witch i think is what i was origanly asked for are 4mb jpgs ok?cheers

There’s a good description of the requirements on the AMYA website, written by Rich Matt: (scroll down) They need at least
1mb file size, so you may have to split them up into separate emails if the attachments get too large for your ISP to handle.
Bill K