Footie Servos??

What’s the smallest usable servos to use for the sails and rudder?

Hi RoadToad,

In larger boats, I think the quest for minimum weight is often taken to an extreme that has not clearly made a great difference in performance. With Footys, however, because of the disproportionate weight of the radio gear, there could be greater advantage. How much it will matter in real sailing conditions is not yet known.

To find appropriate small sail-control servos, I suggest you look at catalogs for those that have torque equal to standard servos. Rudder control may not require as much torque as a standard servo, based on my experience with larger boats.

Let us know what you find out!

Bill H

Some people have mentioned using a micro for the rudder, but I dunno how that would work. I’m planning on a (low-cost) mini for the rudder, and a standard size for the sails.

On my Ocean 500, I use a digital mini, which has more torque than a standard, plus a smaller size, but still the two standards go in the footies because I already have those. :slight_smile:

I am using a standard Futaba on my sail and a Hitec HS-55 on the rudder in my Kittiwake. This last Sunday I sailed her in winds which were laying US1M over past 45 degrees in the gusts. I never lost rudder control when turning from one fast beat to the other… probably the highest load on the rudder at that time. So I would say that a HS-55 is sufficient at 18oz/in torque.

Futaba now have a smaller Micro the S3110 with 22.2oz/in torque… runs smoother too being Futaba.


Hi everybody… I am building a razor for my nephew… I am more of a AC 1:12 model builder thus I am finding a bit difficult to decide which type of servo to install for the sails control… d they have to be arm servos, winch or what? what is the minimum torque? Thaks for your help



Get yourself a basic cheapie 2-channel sytem. whatever is in there will work. Make an arm or it out of somethin, flat plastic. No need for special servos.

Try a search on this subject. Plenty of discussion.