Foiler design vs. "testing"

So as not to upset any moderators by going slightly off topic in the multihull area, but being intrigued yet once again by Doug’s posts and claims,… I feel a need (urge?) to ask the two following questions:

  1. What ever happened to the MicroMOTH that was supposed to be faster than any other monohull; that was supposed to provide so much fun for the skipper; and that could “jump” from the water at will? This is also the same boat that was going to be registered and raced in the MultiONE or F-48 multihull class. Nearly a year has past from the date it was going to be sailed, demonstrated, and sold… what’s up?

  2. Also nearing a one year anniversary from announcement, and nearly 2 years (or more?) from initial announcement - the same question is asked relative to the Aeroskiff 16 foot foiler - also (by claim) to be able to foil; to be able to “jump” from the water when so desired by the skipper; and would revoluntionize monohull dinghy sailing as we know it. Surely in a period of nearly 12 months, one would expect the conditions to be optimal, and the photographer to “not screw up yet again” so we could be treated to a series of photos similar to those of the real MOTH on foils from down under? What ever happend to this revolutionary monohull foiler?

Based on the lack of information, photos, eyewitness or AMYA/US Sailing race results, or on-going promises and hype - one could infer that silence in both cases would indicate failure to perform anywhere near the hype the preceded them. Usually, success is boasted about - especially to dispell the critics.

Doug - what excuses are keeping us from hearing about these two (of many) projects?

There is a pretty good photo of a Moth (AUS9329) sailing next to Skandia in the “From the Helm” section of the March 2004 issue of Australian Sailing. The picture shows the moth riding about 50-80cm above the water. The article states the moth was featured in the November 2003 issue - but unfortunately I don’t have that issue.

Sorry, under the new selective rules of this forum I cannot discuss new technology in most cases since it constitutes advertising, baiting, trolling ect,ect.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Was just following up on your post in the multihull section about “years” of foiler design… assume that one shouldn’t have been posted either! Figured if it was OK that you could tell us you have been testing, you could also tell us the outcome - therefore …

I guess those rules work to your advantage as well?

…but aren’t we in the PUB, and can’t anything be discussed in the PUB?
I’m only saying this cause it would be nice to know.


Have you thought that unlike Peter and you dick that Doug may like the idea of perfecting his designs before releasing them to the population?

The thing might me that Doug is like most of the artists in this world and keeps his masterpieces for his eyes only.

Thanks StevenA

Ummm - Steven …

Are you suggesting that Doug doesn’t have an “EGO”? [:D][:D][:D]
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Photos of both foiler monohulls available from nearly a year ago. As far as perfecting his design - usually information from Doug is never ending - except if one poses a specific and direct question.

You only need to take a look at archives to see the number and substance of his “many” posts on the subject of both/either boats. When you tire of reading the posts on this forum, you can move to WindPower where similar/identical posts (and claims) were also made!

Sorry but the words “Doug” and “Ego” cannot be used separately here - they go together!

My “assumption” - barring any proof to the contrary, is that once the boat hits the water, it could be photographed sailing - no problem. BUT - When it “CAN’T” be photographed doing what it was claimed to be able to do, then one begins to suspect. When this happens many times, it isn’t an isolated incident - but normal accepted practice and procedure.