Foamy Footy


Is tere anything you can tell us about your Foamy Footy? I’d be interested in an RTS boat for a friend.


Hi Tomo,
I am planning on bring small sailboats to the world in ready to sail format.I have been working towards this for the last few years.
I am looking for like minded people who might like to join me in that goal.
The project is 90% complete,just a few more pieces to fall into place and then you might just see a RTS sailboat in your local hobby shop at quite an attractive price point with any luck.

Can you tell us a little about the foamy footy, like which hull and rig will be used? And maybe what would be in the RTS kit?


Hi Tomo,
I don’t want to say to much just yet:) but the hull will be in my current style and with Mac rig of course! A RTS version will have everything except RX and TX,servos will be installed ready to go.

Nearly ready to rock and roll guys.
Price will be similar to some of the other footy kit offerings but the difference with this one is you can sail it the day after you get it or even that day if you have to!

I have built a cnc foam cutting machine and can produce quite a number of boats fairly quickly and economically,they can be finished by the owner to what ever level they may like from the quick and dirty no painting/no glue approach to super smooth fiberglass sheathing and fine adjustment of the hull shape by experts.
The hulls come with the mast/rudder tube and fin box all in place in perfect alignment taking care of this vital task for you.
You will be ready to sail before you know it with a lightweight perfectly aligned hull and super easy radio installation . the Mk 2 refined McCormack rig finishes off the package.

Still looking for dealers in some Countries.the UK in particular,dealers only need to be keen footy freaks not hard core business men!A love for footys and the need to spread them is all that is required!

Pictures and more details to come.

Is there a possibility of selling them outright, individually? Lessee… I have three new radios on the shelf…

thx, mate :smiley:

Sure Tomo,
Some trial kits will be on sale soon!!
This is all about getting boats on the water and having fun.

Foamy Footy? I think the first one should be called Trench Foot!

I would go for a trail kit… It couldn’t be any worse than one of my own scratch-builts. :scared:

BTW- when my club got into the ODOM class, we bought three boat kits to start, and got a ‘quantity discount.’ The discount required a 3-kit minimum, and was a one-time deal for any club. I think it was a good incentive to get clubs to buy several kits at once. I was told that some clubs bought 4 or 5 kits ( kits were $325, and ODOMS are big boats, respectively)!

Is there any word on the availability of kits to retailers? I know of a few and they are interested in Footys.