Flying Tiger 10meter(59")sailboat

Anyone interested in this design? model is 59.5" and has deeper rudder and keel(vs. the real thing).check out the actual boat on the web. Dean Derusha

those would make a lovely 1/10’er.
very nice.

Correct size of this new design is:49.5" please see actual pictures of the real thing on the web. Dean Derusha

This link may be of some assistance so others will understand of what is being discussed here.

Thank you for the link to tiger page…

Target for October this year:two hull molds and two deck molds of fiberglass.
Prototype to be sailing in about 2 weeks.
liscensing being worked out now.Kit and RTR available.
Length of model: 49.5 inches scale: 1/8

The model sail very well today in light wind. Due to no actual crew on board,she will need more tweeking…very happy with her performance. Photos to come upon agreement with design owner. DD