Flying Moth....

…from our friends Down Under. All I can say is WOW!!!

WEEEEE [COLOR=Black][SIZE=2]Man that looks like fun.
Just goes to prove what Doug Lord said, " if you want to go fast you need foils" :bravo:


It seems rather hard to keep the thing “flying” though…

Of course its hard to keep the thing flying.
If it was easy we would all be doing it.
These are the times I get pissed off about being old and overweight and unfit.
I would love to give flying a moth a go. BUGGER.:disapprov

From the story that my boy told me, its is hard to keep its balance but controllable.

Robin Veal is taking that one to Denmark for the Worlds and I believe Seb has brought.

Have a guess what his new toy will be after the VOR, yes one of these things. Rumour has it that are 2 more heading to here.

Yup - many modern International Moths cannot stand upright in the water on their own (i.e. without the skipper on board). If you stand in the water and hold the boat by the forestay (the conventional method of holding a sailing dinghy after launching) they just fall over. There are a few other high performance classes like that too.

Ian - you are never too old. Check out this link to the recent 12 Foot Interdominions in Auckland. The oldest competitor was aged 70 - and these boats are even crazier than a Moth on foils!

Kenny Fyfe came second this time around. I’m not sure how old Ken is now - but let’s put it this way - he made me a set of sails almost 30 years ago.


ps Check out the videos on the above site too (filmed on a quiet Wellington afternoon). They are small - but not for the faint hearted.

Hi JohnB, I have just clicked, of course Scott Beavis would be your son.
Are you coming to Wellington for the Volvo pitstop?
If you are, how about bringing a IOM and sailing in the Line 7 regatta?
Maybe email me your reply. Cheers mate.:smgreen:

Hi Ian

Definitly coming down to Wellington. Heading off to Melbourne tomorrow morning for the in port race and the Leg 3 start.

I am thinking of it bring 1 boat down and may be the F100. But only thinking at this stage.

I will need to have a search party to find them, I think they at the back of the shed.

hey john, did u get any good photos of the vor @ melb?