Florida racing results?

I always enjoy reading the results of races and even better a report and results. Does anyone know if the series going on down in sunny Florida has been reported anywhere? Club web sites maybe or another forum? Or have I just missed it?

In the freezy north,

Hi Graham

We started sailing Footy’s at our RV and Home park called Tanglewood in Sebring. Four boats sailing and 4 more in build stage. We are redoing our web page and there will be a section on Footy’s showing race results at www.tanglewoodmyc.com. We host an open Footy Regatta on this coming Monday, Dec 8th. If you know any Florida skippers, have them contact me.

Five Florida clubs (Newest is Tanglewood) have a series of races that rotate among the 5 clubs. Titusville & Vero Beach races have been completed. This years series is called Florida Footy Festival II. The remaining Festival races are:

December 13th* Orlando
January 17th at Tanglewood in Sebring
January**31st at Daytona

Results of 1st two legs are posted on the Sand Point Sailing Club (http://sites.google.com/site/sandpointsail/october-footy-regatta) by Butch Bragg.

Footy Nationals in Florida follow*Daytona.

Thank you Frank, just what I was looking for. Any idea who was sailing what though? I know… never satisfied :rolleyes:

Hi Graham

Interesting you ask. We had a pre-regatta meeting yesterday & want to record some data on boats sailed. We will post data when our website is floating agaon.

Butch Bragg may have more data. The 4th place (a friend) boat was stock V-12. Butch builds beautiful rounded foam sleek hulls using Brent Carter techniques.Again The Sand Point Club has more data & photos than most, thanks to Butch.

Hi Graham

Butch Bragg just posted the results of Tanglewood’s Fall Footy Regatta completed yesterday. There is a photo of the winning boat that walked away with the victory.

See it at: http://sites.google.com/site/sandpointsail/footy-page