Florida Footy Festival III Results

Just a quick note to post 4 trophy winners for this event hosted by the TanglewoodMYC. More details and photos to follow in a couple of days at: www.tanglewoodmyc.com.

1st John Egizi 19 pts
2nd Frank Thorley 20 pts
3rd Butch Bragg 32 pts
4th Adrian Sullivan 38

Vero is hosting next FFF III on 23rd of MAY
Titusville on 13th of June

Thanks for the results Frank here are the pics I took.
Thanks to all who participated and all those who worked to make it possible.


The Tanglewood larger Lake Granada Pond is the first regata (been to about 8) where the winds were not fluky and disturbed by nearby obstructions such as buildings, hills & trees. The winds changed in strength, but the dead spots just were not there that so many of us have experienced. The larger pond did have some waves which Goldfoot seemed to enjoy.

I would be interested in hearing from Footy skippers if they would be willing to attend a regional or national event at a pond like this?

To view the pond, map the following address:

3500 Edgewater Sebring FL

Note maps says “Hog Lake”, a histerical name. The new name fits in with the $4 Million being spent on the new club house for the two 18 hole golf courses that are part of the same complex. The community center building just south of the island is scheduled for new swimming pools and tennis courts. Also nearby is the Sebring Raceway & Disney is just over an hour to the North.

What do you think?

The full results and some photos are now posted on the www.tanglewoodmyc.com.

Butch Bragg has posted the race finishes and point totals on his Sand Point MSC website.

Well done guys and thanks for posting the reports here, I’ll go and look at the web sites now. Having been in the sunny state it’s nice to be able to put more faces to more names now.


Rick’s blog discusses his entry into the TW FFF III regatta and includes a few more pictures and other topics as he & wife travel around the country in a 40’ RV. See it here:


We spent a couple of hours beginning a build of a FF-2 for Rick. The 807 boat is actually my old 007 in disquise, simply a small piece of black electrical tape in the right spot.