Florida Footy Clubs Listings

Apparently on 11/08/08, the AMYA updated the club listings area and you now have to enter a zip code to see the clubs. They are now listed in increasing distance from your zip code entry.

Regarding Clubs w/Footy activity, there is only one (YES - 1) club in All of Florida listing Footy’s and that one is in Orlando.

I am also remiss in that Tanglewood does not list Footy’s, but have a small excuse in that we have only started sailing Footy’s in Tanglewood (Sebring) on a regular basis for 2 weeks (Mondays 10 AM to Noon). Welcome to anyone that wants to come watch, discuss building, try one of our boats or compete with us.

Back to updates. I wish we could directly update our data. So, clubs with Footy’s, let’s show the big boats we do things right and update our AMYA listing making sure all data is correct. That includes email addresses, web links, phone #'s, etc…

We are hosting a Footy Regatta on Monday, Dec 8th from 10 AM to 3 PM. Three place plaque trophy’s and entry = $5.00.

PM me for a copy of the NOR.

See the excel spreadsheet below for some interesting info on Florida clubs and boats sailed.

It shows which “FLORIDA” Clubs sail which boats.

32 Clubs Sail Soling 1M’s
12 Clubs Sail EC-12’s
6 Clubs Sail US-12’s
5 Clubs Sail Fairwind’s
1 Club Sails Footy’s (Note: I added the two Sebring Clubs as they are new at it)

The data came directly from the AMYA site. If your club data is not correct, then change it on the AMYA site.

Also, 32 clubs are within 120 miles (~ 2 hour drive) of our Tanglewood Club here in Sebring. We are very centrally located, so come join us on one of the days listed below (note Thursdays, .

Monday 10 - 12 Footy’s (New Fleet - 4 to 6 Boats)
Tuesday 10 - 12 Fairwinds Primary, Soling 1M Secondary (12 to 15 Boats)
Thursday 10 - 12 Solings Primary, Fairwinds Secondary (12 to 15 boats)
Thursday 1 - 3 US-12’s

Normal club racing is handicapped with 20, 40 and 60 second starts giving everyone a chance to win. Instead of a crowded starting area, the finish line gets crowded which make for some exciting moments for all.

Racing 10:30 to Noon and 1:00 to 3:30 PM
Pond Location 1515 Tanglewood Circle, Sebring, FL 33872
Three Nice Trophy’s - $5.00 Entry
PM me for a NOR or Just Show Up