Floppy Spectra line for sheets

Earl told us where to get Spectra for sheets quite a while back. I went to the proper site but was overwhelmed by the variety and could not figure out exactly what to buy. What I would want is floppy 80 lb like Bass Pro used to sell up to a couple years ago. Now they only offer stiffer 80 lb Spectra.

Thank you.

Hang-Em High sells floppy spectra from 50 lbs to 800lbs by the foot. I personally prefer 80# Spectra2000.


Hi Scott -

while I’m not sure what “floppy” means related to line, you might also try the kite shops since many of those folks use high strength line like Spectra, Dyneema, Etc. Plus, they might cut off and send you a 2 to 6 inch long piece to actually see stiffness/floppyness

Floppy is good description of the line I used get, as Dick said, at kite shops. Fairly large diameter too. I dusted it with graphite for smooth running “dirty” sheets. Like you Scott, all I can find is stiffer (we’re talked subtleties here) line with a much smaller diameter at fishing shops. It has to be one of the ones @ Hang-Em High, but as you suggest - which one?