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After my Goth RG which I built from scratch was damaged behond repair when people were stripping on my desk/bench I decided to order a glass Siri shell. Its arrived but im at a bit of a looos where to start. Should I either make or buy foils and start with the fin box then mast, and align all at first?

Can I avoid the ugly mast box and shims and somehow work out the sorrect rake and fix in a simple tube?

The boat came with no drawings or anything, if i go the swing rig option, scavenged from my Goth, how far fwd of the keel l leading edge should the mast be positioned.

Id like to look at going dowsn the conventional route with this hull. Shoild I fit an 8mm CF stup mast with gooseneck to which all other rigs slot onto?

Finally should I bother getting a Dremel, it would make life easy but I only have a few cut outs.


Hi there,

Answering in order (ish), (1) to make or buy foils? I guess this depends on what level you sail at & how much do you want to spend. Top flight then I’d say you really need to be purchasing, club/fun then I really don’t think it matters either way.

(2) Mast box? I’ve never thought a ‘fixed’ rig is a particularly great idea - you’ll need a reasonable degree of adjustment for differing wind conditions, otherwise you’ll constantly be fighting weather or lee helm and putting the brakes on as the rudder is used to compensate.

(3) Swing rig position? Search through this forum for some of Claudio D’s excellent designs, most of which give % leads for both traditional & swing rigs.

(4) Stub mast? I think this links with point (3) above.

(5) Dremel? Incredibly useful & multifunctional (I’ve got an aging Black & Decker equivalent) but if you’re only really thinking of it for cutting slots then a small drill bit & needle file is just as effective and probably more accurate.

Food for thought if nothing else…



Hi ,
about mast position You should check here :
On the Goth 65 lateral view, 2 masts positions are drawn. Better check directly with Russel via Email.