Just started my first Footy . Graham McAllister’s ‘Harpy’
I have built most types of boats over the years , but never a yacht type
sailing boat, so can any one give me some advice or point me in the right direction for some .
Where can I get a sail plan for ‘Harpy’?
Second why do some swing rigs have a losefooted jib, and some a jib boom ?
Thanks in anticipation and may all your wind be fair.
REG 240

I have also built Harpy and have the same question. Would be nice to know where to start especially if you are new to this game like I am

Hi Donald B (and REG 240, after a very long time since your original post)
I hope you are able to see some ideas in these pictures which might help with your rig. The spars are all aluminium or carbon tubing glued with epoxy. The sails are film and are much quicker to make in a single panel una rig form.

Thanks for the pics Phil. Is there any chance you could give some dimensions?

Hi Donald
I modified my una-rigs last season to include a 6mm O/D boom with a 14 degree bend at the main pivot point. This brings the whole rig lower on the foredeck, closes the close hauled gap between boom and sheeting post and makes the whole rig a little stiffer.
The Una rig on the red hull has a 750mm luff, 380mm foot and 75mm head. It’s the size which should fit the UK ‘big rig’ template. To help repeatability, I’ve purchased a small tube bender and have made a couple of jigs to bend to boom to an angle of 14 degrees and another to angle the mast stub forward by 6 degrees.
I double checked the UK big rig template and there is room to add more area by lengthening the foot by a few cm
The existing boom is 195mm long and the distance between pivot and mast stub is 140mm