First sail today

Hello All,
Just thought I would say I sailed my triple crown that I have been working on all winter today. Boat is balsa plank, wood mast, foils made from cedar planking glassed with a 5lb window sash weight on the end, sails home made from old windsurfing sails. What a fathers day gift out sailing in a light breeze listening to the ducks and the birds, tackin up the pond [:-bouncy]runnin down wind wing on wing, great fun. Then the breeze came in just flying, with nothing to compare to it was great. I have no plans on racing, just soul sailin for now so it does not matter that I do not have caron fiber this and custom that bla bla bla. Then somthing silly happened[:-censored][:-banghead]the lid to my pot with the batteries and reciever in it came of just as the nose went under with a gust down wind, well needless to say it all crapped out on me and drifted to shore. Good new I was able to dry it all out so should be out soon, hopesome pictures will follow. THIS IS A GREAT SPORT!!![:D]

ab congrats on finishing the boat i am glad it sailed well ,there is nothing like building and sailing your own boat is there? anyways u hope you have alot of fun with it. oh and post some pics to

such is life!

welcome brother
this sport is indeed meant for the ones who comune with nature. I myself know what it meen to be on the water and see my pride and joy sail away. congrats on the boat. dont worry about sinking or racing. just have fun. when you have fun . i find you wil go fast. ps. this comes from a guy who sails for the pure fun of it. the best part is when i watch my boat leave. I always turn to port in about 3 feet. if the boat does not turn. the radio is dead.
and turn your radio on. I have had to walk around to the other side.

long live the cup and cris dickson

Here is the picture of my balsa triple crown, next step (next winter)will be a red paint job