First Peek

Here it is 4:00 PM and I’m still in my bathrobe.

No sense in getting dressed now. I might just as well keep working on it.

Here’s a first peek at my first Footy. It’s a half model and I am going to wrap 1/64 ply around it, then cut two of each piece, make a transom and tape it together in the manner of the Razor.

This one has the beam well forward since I am thinking that cat rigged boats tend to bury their bows on a run. The forward volume will allow me to move the fin a bit more forward, for whatever benefit might accrue from having a greater distance between fin and rudder. Hmm… That means I will have to move the sailplan forward a bit negating all those other gains.

Hmm… again. Well, that’s the fun of it. I’m going to try it and see what happens.

That’s not a bowsprit sticking out in front. It’s just a stiffener to keep this rather flimsy structure from flexing too much while I try to make side and bottom pieces.

Time to saw off the excess and start bending. More later I hope. Or maybe I’ll just buy one if this doesn’t work.