First IOM Lion, Nimbus or Triple Crown??


About to build my first IOM from wood. I am considering the:

-Triple Crown

While I want an IOM boat, my priorities are for something that handles reasnably easily, and doesn’t have problems with the stronger / rougher end of conditions. Ie it dosen’t have to win every race.

Any suggestions on the above boats re these criteria would be welcome.


Tim. C

For what you describe, definitely the Triple Crown. Besides handling rougher water better, it’s also the latest design of the three, derived from the Gadget which is a proven winner

normaly tim
greg and i like to argue. but this time. i cant. he is right. i have told many new IOM sailors that the 3 crown is the best boat to start with. it is easy to build and set up. you should talk to jeff(albertaclipper) he has already built one hull(3 crown) you too might be able to help each other
good luck
long live the cup and cris dickson