First foray in rc

Hello everyone, i’m building a Metcalfs Mouldings Moonbeam pond yacht replica, construction seems straightforward but now i need to chose a rc system.
I’m using Hitec sailwinch and steering servo. has anyone got any sugestions for a reliable twin stick package with maximum range for someone whose main interest is boat building and sailing and NOT electronics! Just noticed i’m a junior member not bad for a 61 yr old! ps i am in Cumbria UK.

Welcome to RC sailing and to the forum. A good source for info in the UK is the MYA web site.

Here is a link to various UK suppliers.

Here is a link to a specialist suppliers of RC equipment for sailboats.

When buying a radio, be sure to specify MODE 2 as that puts the throttle (used for sail trim) on the left stick.


2.4 GHZ is the new tech. and on the cheap hobby king makes a nice digital 2.4 ghz TX/RX on the cheap.

I don’t own one, but I’m sure some one will chime in

I’m a fan of the Spektrum dx6i multiple model programming, great range and programability especially if you end up with more models…

easy to find used dx6i for hundred bucks US.


I have a few of these:

About US$25 plus shipping
This package includes a 4 channel transmitter and a receiver - 2,4GHz. Range is excellent. They are rebranded FlySky units I understand.
Does not require a computer to program it.
There is no endpoint adjustment.
Channels can be reversed by switches on the front panel
This one is Mode 2, also available in Mode 1 (or easily converted - see below)
Binding TX to RX -
Convert Mode 1 to mode 2 -

An excellent product for sailboats IMHO

Your profile does not show your location, but there are HK stores in a number of global locations - if you can find this is your local store shipping may be less…


Welcome to the forum.

In terms of radio system recommendations, it really depends on how much you want to spend. If you’re happy with ‘cheap & cheerful’ then basic 2 channel AM stick sets can be acquired very inexpensively. Main disadvantage is interference and needing a supply of crystals to change frequency (especially if your chosen sailing ground is popular with other users) but most importantly (for me) they’ll offer no end-point or exponential adjustment.

John (hiljoball) has provided an excellent link for info & purchase which is the K-Bits site ( ). It gives a good overview of the various systems and their pricing is usually reasonably competitive. You’ll not go too far wrong with the system Marc (marcsmith) recommended - the Spektrum DX6i ( ) , it’ll certainly tick all the boxes and has a good reputation for reliability etc. Other inexpensive models worth looking at are the Hitec Optic systems ( ) or something like the new Futaba T6J (,R2006GS_Rx-_Instock/product_info.html ).

As I mentioned at the beginning it’s basically down to how much you want to spend. I’ve used all the suppliers that I’ve linked too & they’ve all provided excellent service. As an example, my last order was to Kings Lynn Model shop. Order was placed at 4.30pm and was delivered at 8.45am the following morning!

Good luck with perusing & decision making - as an aside will you be posting any pictures of your current build?



Hi Bob
I only have one piece of advice. Don’t even consider a radio that doesn’t have end point adjustment(sometimes called travel adj.) It makes it MUCH easier to get the sheeting right.