First footy - Razor/Ranger hybrid

Hi folks,

After a couple of evening chopping depron and a little balsa and ply I have a hull ready for fitting out :slight_smile: It’s a slightly skinny Razor I and is looking to have a Ranger(esk) Aero-Lateen rig (keeping it simple for a first attempt).

Hull is 2mm depron (taped and epoxied) with 6mm deprom mast/keel support, keel is 6mm balsa and rudder is 0.8mm ply core with 2mm depron cheeks. Spars are 3mm carbon tube. Sails to be sorted, probably ‘bin liner’ for a rough and ready first cut, and most likely some 65gsm ‘rip-stop’ I have just located for a final set.

I am thinking of a 3.5grm servo for rudder (the blade has plenty of lead so is near balanced) with a 12mm BB/MG for the rig.

Fair winds :slight_smile:

Nice looking boat, John. It’s great to see people get creative and build their own ideas of what Footys should be. There’s really not any other class where you can build your personal vision quickly and cheaply.

Keep us posted.