Finola 8 metre of Fife

Here is a model of a Third rule 8 metre by the master yacht designer William Fife III
Model is one metre long. Built for radio control, but too pretty to go in the water; for now


Wrong! 'Never TOO pretty…

Hi Kingplank,
veri good looking,nice job !
but I have a question : Being 1 meter long only and covered with wood strips + glass/epoxy ,the hull it is not too heavy for an RC application ?
I ask that because I’m interested too for such dimension for a “J” model.

Hi Claudio,
I think these metre class boats are quite forgiving in design.
This boat has very thin 1mm cedar so the weight is reasonable.
Maybe one day I will put her in the water!!

Dear Kingplank,

What a beautiful boat. Where did you find drawings for Finola?