Finishing Carbon

As my USOM stations cure I began thinking how I want to finsh the hull. It is carbon that was vacuum bagged over a male mold so the outside surface is not the smooth surface you might expect. I have sanded it to a nice finish but it will be painted. Would standard spray paint and primer be OK with a final layer of clear or is there another way I should go about it? Thanks for the help.

ya man, spray-balm primer, base, and colour works great.
the best paints (quality, and hardness), don’t come in spray cans though.

if you want the “weave” to be seen, clear primer is available, or just use the clearcoat itself, watersand, and pin-hole until satisfied, then the final clears.

Millrtme, any interest in leaving the carbon cloth to be seen? I find it to be beautiful under the gloss epoxy. And you save the weight of the paint, however miniscule.


Well because it was made over a male mold, there is a light layer of glass on the outside which tends to hide the weave. I also have a scheme in mind that i think will ook great. So the thought has crossed my mind, but I decided agaist it.

If yer on a tight budget, and want a nice paint system, I’ve been experimenting withTamiya acrilics thinned with a bit with water, in between a base of Tremclad clear, and then toped in Tremclad clear.

The first clears, take care of filling minor imperfections. That is then satin’d-up smooth with green ScotchBrite. Colours are applied via an air brush, then layers of Tremclad clear to top it of.

Lots of light coats, until she’s good

Here is some pics of my personal Laja, I painted tonight.
The carbon was covered with the above methods.

Oh ya, finally getting together something, to match that rudder.

I did just pic up an air gun, not sure what I need to make it paint ready, but I might have to look into it.

Some more pictures of “budget” finishing. Tremclad clear was used on these Urns, to make’em look nice.

Spray some base coats, fill any pin-holes with the clear sprayed in a cup, and applied with tooth pic, then build your final clears.

You can see me in one of the reflections.

I have several layers on the boat, I am just waiting to get the keel box/mast step assembled and in place before I start with the color. Wet Sanded to a very nice finish. Will probably spray a few more light layers before color comes in. Getting very excited. Also had an epiphany with how I am going to control the jib on my TP52, I think I am going with a 4-channel radio, rather than trying to mix/program 2 servos to work in unison. Getting excited. Should have the last few layers of glass on the plug, then I can start fairing again, which should be minimal because of the effort I put into it before I glassed.