Fine Tuning

I recently bought an ODOM and have been playing around with the different set ups and wanted to know if I was on the right track. Mostly relating to mast and shroud positions. I have (3) options for the mast and (3) for the shrouds and they are all pretty much in line with each other.

Heavy Air- Mast forward, tight vang, tight outhaul on both jib and main, should the shoruds be in line with the mast or would placing them further aft add anything?
Light Air- Mast aft, loose vang, loose outhaul on both sails, again the same question on the shrouds.

We sailed in very light air on Saturday and I had the mast in the middle position and I noticed the boat always wanted to come up, I am assuming that the light air may have compounded the problem, but didn’t know if there were other adjustments to decrease propensity to round up. Thanks.


andrew I also have a new odom…if the boat want to round up to easliy you have the effort to far aft… move the mast forward a touch. you do want the boat to hunt for the wind a little bit…

The windpower site has an odom section. where I got this info from…

here are some numbers i got from george pedrick, the national champion.

bow to mid mast is 19"

" " " to pivot point 5 3/4"

forestay to pivot point on boom 3 1/2"

top mid mast to top mid transom 59 1/2"

angle of attack jib 12 degrees, main 5-7 deg. (neutral helm is the goal or slight weather helm to hunt the wind).

foot to mid boom is 1 1/2 finger diameters

shroud tension: tight, will twang if plucked

backstay is snubbed in light and medium air. slightly tighter for heavy air.

make sure your mast is straight and vertical athwartships.

these numbers are not sacrosanct. modify them to fit your boat and sailing style.

with a used boat, you are limited in your ability to really modify. but I think next winter I may remove my single jib club attachment for an adjustable track…my shrouds only have one attachement point, but the odom mast is so stiff though I don’t think you really need to shift the shrouds. My mast step is 2" long and I have holes for it every 1/4" inch. so we’ll see how much adjusting and moving I need to do. First real regatta is Saturday…

millrtme , #149 model yachting features the ODOM and has some good articles, including one with alot of the top skippers set ups.