Finding the CG

I just cast the bulb for my IOM with pretty fair results for my first try. Now I need to find the center of gravity. The way I understand it is that the mass in front of the CG should be equal to the mass behind the CG, in other words if I took the bulb and balanced it on the edge of a knife the point where the bulb balances is the CG. Please let me know am I right or wrong, if I’ve got it wrong please explain how to fing the CG.

Isn’t a knife-point a little too much? I assume you just mean a good edge for balance, like a wedge or dowel. Also, CG implies a 3-dimentional point, and you’re just trying to find a longitudinal balance point (LBP) for the bulb. The CG usually includes the entire boat, and for a sailboat, with the keel & bulb extending down, and the rig extending up, there is certainly a CG, and though you don’t think of it as such, it is still considered when you setup or tune things.

this will help, scroll down to photo 5.