Find Footy Registration Form???

Has anyone here in the US tried to find the Form to Register and get a Sail # for your Footy on the AMYA site? Go ahead and find it and tell me how long it took and show a link here.

I have just spent an hour searching the AMYA site and RC forums and still no luck. If we want skippers regeristering new Footy’s, finding a form to print out should be simple.

I found it months ago and can’t remember how. Not finding this again makes me feel stupid. Any smart skippers out there that can help?

Very simple.

Go to the Official Website (direct link from here). Select Registration. IF American, decide whether you want AMYA or non-AMYA registration (no difference so far as the Footy class is concerned).

I admit hat the Official website could do with some TLC, but that bit is pretty clear. Obviously we don’t control the AMYA site but I’ll try to get Bill Hagerup, the AMYA class secretary, to kick whoever does.

Thanks for the feedback.



I searched fruitlessly for quite some time on the AMYA website for a Footy class boat reservation form. Since I thought all US boats HAD to be registered through the AMYA, it never occured to me that I might find a form on the website of the International group. I did find a generic (all class) registration form in the AMYA quarterly that featured the Footy, and have since seen it in other issues, too, so I copied that. However, I would think that the AMYA should have links to such forms on their home page and also on every class page on their site, to make it as easy as possible for anyone to find. Same thing goes for AMYA membership forms. Redundant links would be far better than non-existant or even hard-to-find links.


Thanks Bill

I am glad to hear that it is not just me. I use a Palm Pilot phone to search the forums and have not been able to view any link from Angus or you.

Can you post 1 or more links in the http://www. …
form so others searching the forums will find something if the AMYA does not make any improvements. Thanks

As far as the International class committee is concerned, that is an entirely American matter in which we have no intention of getting involved. Not sure whether we ‘sanction’ the AMYA :devil3::devil3::devil3:

In Britain we don’t put up a form on a website because we think that (within limits) a little correspondence helps promote ‘belongingness’ [Aaaaaagh!]. In the past we have also phoned the owners of all newly registered boats to welcome them to the calass. We believe that this has paid off.


Yep, the place I send people to start is the Footy website,

Send a note to Bill or I and we’ll see what we can do. AMYA membership or registration is not required but we recommend it. It’s a good group for the most part and the magazine is very nice. I’ll try and get the AMYA website looked at.

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Hi Angus

No hard feeling, but here is the 1st part of my post: “Has anyone here in the US tried to find the Form to Register and get …”

I was expexting a US response.

I still think the Process & Forms for US skippers should standout so we get a high percentage of nrw boats to register.

I had searched both …footy.rcsailing… and AMYA & could not find form. It should be on both.

I do email & call other US skippers as it does’t cost extra to my cell bill, but I come across a retired person on limited income & they don’t have cell or home phone. I wanted to email the link or form to him as he is building a new Footy.

Tallastro… What is the correct process & person to request a change? Thanks to all for the help.

Oops - I just noticed the following Signature:
US Footy Registar
USA33 & 141

I just noticed that you do not have to join AMYA if you use Registar. Is it still $7.00. I was already an AMYA member, so I sent my request to Bill H.

The process is pretty simple. All either of us require is some contact information (name, address, email, phone). If you want to register the boat with AMYA it’s also $7 and Bill will need your AMYA number. The sail numbers are coordinated so you keep the same number even if you start non-AMYA and change your mind later. AMYA registered boats are required for Regional or National AMYA sanctioned events. I usually tell people to register, at least, one boat as AMYA so they get the benefits of membership. Just registering with the Footy Class Association is free.

But if you’re dead set on a form, I ain’t got one. You’ll just have to use good old fashioned informal communication.

Happy sailing,

The easiest thing to do, for most AMYA members, is to copy the registration form from your Model Yachting magazine. It appears in every issue.

While on-line registration would be convenient, AMYA currently has no way to handle registration payments via Paypal or credit card, so you have to send me a check. So you might as well just copy the form from the magazine, and send both at the same time.

If you have an emergency need (though it’s easier on all of us if you plan ahead) for a number, call or email your request. I’ve been able to accomodate those most of the time.

Bill H

Hi Bill,

I can see that registering online could be an administrative headache, but I think a PDF of just the necessary form that could be downloaded would be easy enough to have on the website, and would eliminate someone having to find an old issue of the magazine to cut up (or take to Kinko’s), since not everyone has a scanner.

Bill Nielsen
Oakland Park, FL USA

but I think a PDF of just the necessary form that could be downloaded would be easy enough to have on the website,

I totally agree, why make things so hard when with just a little effort you can make things so much easier and welcoming for all.

There are two practical reasons why not. One is just a case of idleness on the part of the class management (in this case probably me) in that the different national registers do not necessarily all contain the same data - so the forms have to be different.

Second (and it’s still not a very good excuse) we need to do everything i at least Eglish, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese. Probaly the wat forward is Anomor Dobrovich’s solution in Sweden. I suggest you try registering a Swedish Footy via the official website - but for Pete’s sake don’t committ and create a navy of ghost Viking ships.

Does anyone think this is the way we should be going?


While it would be nice to have a registration form handy, the process does not require it. I get emails that say “Hi, my name is Joe. I’d like to register my footy. What do I need to do?” I quickly, try anyway, reply with a welcome to Footydom response, ask for any additional contact info I want and issue a number. Bill’s process is similar but he also asks for $7 and issues an actual document for your trouble. All US Footy registrations are coordinated by Bill and I.

The informal contact also let’s the skipper know that they have a real person helping them. I like the process. A few more links to our registration page spread around the web might be helpful.

I agree with John about the contact. The process is known in the UK as ‘Angussingg’ and is probably best described by its vistims than its chief practitioner!

We have a form which we send out. If it comes back incorrectly filled in we send it back for correction - with a suitably big smile. The final version gets modified slightly and becomes a ‘Regitration Certificate’. The function of this is to convince the punter tht we are actually doing something for our (non-)money and to ensure that the data is correct. The owner will never need it again.

Here in the UK, we have a very simple registration process
You request a form, return it completed and i mail you back the number. Its that simple.

Turn round is quick (unless I forget)

Sorry I should have added ~ if any one would like to register their boat please find attached form for completion and send it back to me please.

For those who are either ex-pats or have connections back to the UK Angus has agreed that these can also be issued with a GBR number. So for thoes that are struggling and have UK connections here is your chance.

To any Footy manufacturer’s out there I would also request that you to enclose the attached form when you send your beautiful Footy goods to a new customer.

UK Footy Class Registrar