Finally My Razor hit the water

in our beaver pond. Too bad there was just about no wind. It did move…
Pictures at:

That looks a beautifully built boat. Happy New Year

i love the “rasta” coloured line wrap on the rig.
just wondering, are you at all in the hobby of fishing rod tying?
i’ve seen some amasingly beutiful custom-tied fishing rods out there.
it’s an art

Yes, used to build custom fishing rods, tie jigs, etc.
Great hobby, haven’t fished since moving to Georgia.

I used Cortland camo dacron fishing line, that I found in my box of goodies.
And flour. chartuse slip bobber knot line for the rigging.

There’s all sorts of useful hardware found in my fishing box. Those interested can try the many fishing tackle suppliers out there for interesting stuff.

Just trying to figure out how to incorporate the new series of guides on the market for rigging outlets. All sorts of new colors and materials:

Happy New Year

i know the feeling. i’ve been wanting to build an all carbon composite float rod, since moving to my new local. havn’t even ordered a blank yet.
i suppose i’ll get them trout another time. it’s all been about the boats as of the last few years. and speaking of cabellas, reminded me of how much dust was on my cabellas waders.