Final Board Up

Ok… Finally. (takes a breath) The new and Final Discussion board is now up. Please make sure to update your Urls and webpages to (it is the old address of the old snitz board). I hope you all like it and I will be working on a gallery for this one very shortly.

I did realize thanks to deckard that a lot of the old archeived posts did not make it over the transfer. For that reason I will leave the old (snitz) board up until I can figure out a way to get all of those posts over to here. (thinking comparison queries) The url to that is: everything should still be intact and searchable.

I just want to also take this moment to again thank everybody (esp. wismerhell) for all the help and support in switching all of these boards around.

In the next following weeks here are some things that I hope to accomplish:
[li]Update the homepage (yeah it is pretty beaten)[/li][li]work on getting the old posts back to here -DONE[/li]

[li]Upload new Club mapping technology (very cool… and excited about this one.) - Beta DONE[/li]
[li]Classifieds Posting form-DONE[/li][li]Get the gallery programmed and loaded - DONE[/li]
[li]program the option for thread display- Waiting until members decide[/li]
[li]RSS feeds back online (currently I can do RSS with this form using the following link[/ol]There is probably more to come.[/li][SIZE=2]


nice work Chad…looks already awesome!


Yup great work. Hope everyone appreciates the effort Chad


Thanx Chad,

What would be left for me to do in the office without this forum… ~8)

working :wink:

You said the word! Ahhhh… Fading like a Vampire in the sun

I know the feeling…work without the net…cant even imagine how THEY did it!!

Old posts are now up. thanks for the help deckard. you can now find your “team philips” :o

i like the colour too. everything here looks good to me. but i even liked the old board too. ask if you need any help. i am not that computer literate. but i can try.
full surport here. from the canadian sail dude

i am sorry about this. i forgot one person we should thank
wis … you wind driven maniac. thanks for stepping up and help chad with this. i know i could not do it. so for me atleast
btw i am on starboard