Fin Deal

Since there has been no positive response to my suggestion on pulltruded carbon fins, I presume that there is no point in my continuing to try to persuade an extremely commercial Dutchman that there is a market.#


If not, let me know!


Welcome to the world of model yachts Angus.
Make it and they will come? maybe…who knows?
An IOM rudder section from Sails etc would make a nice Footy fin.A bit more expensive but nice.
Also Sails etc make a timber section that would do the job.
IMHO you would have a better buisness model at this point in time with a
pultruded IOM/M fin,would need some internal structure though. There would be a good market for that.Sizing and section shapes are well advanced for these models so design would be straight forward and “safe”.
Footys are kinda the wild west right now in this regard.

That’s exactly right; who knows whether or not there’s a market for such a thing?
A couple years ago I had an idea of producing a bunch of high quality model iceboat runner blades out of hardened tool steel. I made a batch for myself & some friends, but decided to not proceed with any larger scale production (even though the unit cost would drop alot) because I had serious doubts about what the market amounted to. Especially, when the average hobbiest is able to produce a “usable” version in their own shop & probably isn’t willing to pay enough money to make it worth my effort & time.