Fewer General Categories, and More Specific Ones

Chad –

I would echo Gale’s observations and ideas as posted in his reply on the Pub portion of the forum.

For the F-48 Class, why would someone look under the MultiONE heading for information, etc. Perhaps it could read simply multihulls, and then have a thread under it for MultiONE, and one for the F-48? Just an example of how keeping few categories encourages “off-topic” posts, especially with a forum hosting so many different classes and ideas.

As Gale noted, I would guess/assume this post is in the proper topic/thread area - but then again, it could also have been posted under “MultiONE” or under “New Classes”.

I support the idea of the multiONE Topic area changed to “Multihulls”-makes more sense. I think New Classes and Technology are fine but perhaps a new category could be
added: “Established Classes” if that definition was similar to the AMYA definition of what a class is.

edt-sp.gr correction

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing