Favorite type of class poll

It?s been a long time since we had a poll, so I thought I would throw this out.

What kind of class, do you prefer?


Something’s goofy in the software for this poll.Before I voted, I checked results & then went back & tried to vote. All I got was a message saying that I can’t vote more than once.[:-banghead] I surmise that my preliminary checking must have been registered as having cast a vote. Anyway, my vote is for one design.
Bill K
ODOM #217

Bill just checked, it lists 3 people as having voted, but it doesn’t say you have.

I want to see a real “open” class have an event sometime soon (within the next few years) as I would like to race something just for pure speed with the only limitations being on monohull and overall length. After that… anything that you can make work would be acceptable.

That’s my point. It wouldn’t let me vote, because the software was saying I’d already voted when I hadn’t [:(!] .
ps: although I expressed a preference for One Design, I’m also at the other end of the spectrum when it come to the iceboats/landyachts. They are governed by simple “in the box” dimensional limitations which allows total design freedom for developement within those parameters. Maybe the poll SHOULD allow more than one vote, as long as it’s not for the same choice [^]

As a designer- Box rule/Open. As a sailor- One design!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Originally posted by Larry Ludwig

I want to see a real “open” class have an event sometime soon <hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”></blockquote id=“quote”></font id=“quote”>

Larry -

Thanks for the “soapbox” opportunity, with apologies to those outside the USA.

I have been grumbling about this “event” for some time now - and it seems the AMYA (Open Class) has been a bit reluctant to host - or seek a host for a truly “open” event.

According to AMYA by-laws, each recognized class is “supposed” to host a national event at least once each year. The class secretary is “supposed” to put forth an effort to encourage an event to be held. Looking back over the last 5 years, it seems that the Open Class doesn’t seem to report any activities in the Model Yachting Quarterly on a consistent basis, nor has there been any effort made to encorage a national event. Even a speed trials of sort was mentioned several times and resulted in nothing - either indoor or outdoor.

So - in reality, those of us having too few boats to form an individual class, but still paying our yearly dues without any discount ( or “open” regatta ) seem to be stuck in a situation where registration funds are being allocated to the Open Class, but where nothing for the owner/skipper is sponsored or held.

Events such as an open class over/under 1 meter have been suggested; a process of handicapping has been detailed and suggested; yet no events from the open class ever seem to reach the AMYA regatta schedule. Why do we need an open class with memberships if nothing is provided “in kind” for those who have paid their dues, registered their boats but find no sanctioned “open class” racing? If there isn’t going to be any “open class” events for boat classes shy of the required 20 for a class - why do we need to have the “CLASS” ?

We had a class secretary that had started to promote a speed trials for the AMYA through the Open Class and nothing materialized. We then had a secretary appointed by the AMYA Board, and it seems almost every large boat in the Open Class <font color=“red”><s>would</s></font id=“red”> wound up being registered as an F-48. Finally got that straightened out through the deep assistance of the AMYA membership secretary (thanks Michelle). So - I guess I would ask - what exactly does a registration in the Open Class get someone as far as racing opportunities?

If each Region, or club is expected to host such an event, it certainly doesn’t seem to be happening, nor is it promoted or results reported. I guess I need to reconsider “why” I need to continue to register and provide the class with it’s allocation, when nothing is being promoted or presented by AMYA for those of us who make up the “non-Class”?

Stepping down off the soap-box now. [:-headache]

<font size=“1”>For AMYA Member reference:</font id=“size1”> http://www.amya.org/csogfeb03.pdf

Hey Dick,

you did well up on your box… good for you.[:D]

I think a true open class event would be a lot of fun. They can handicap some… but I don’t think that it should be enough to attempt to even the field because then you have an advantage somewhere… and the yelling and screaming really gets going. Just enough to get the classes slightly close, luck and skill will take their toll from there.

There is time enough for all. There can be multiple formats at the same regatta… such as WIDE OPEN… you have a r/c model propelled by sail only… and then break it down a few times from there.

Let the multi-hulls race with the monohulls here and there, it would be fun! Just make it into a FUN event…which could be a real treat from serious racing. Bring your boat and have a good time. It would be a wonderful excuse to see some of the older and heavier and larger boats come out that never make it the pond… and how about this… WHY NOT have a gathering for ANYONE not just AMYA… but anyone with a boat can come and enter and have a good time.

I would keep it limited to SAIL… but it would seem a good way to get a great deal of people interested, and that should be what it is all about.

I was speaking with someone a few months back about where their club was headed and what might be done to increase membership… and generate more interest. I was told that they didn’t want anymore members… that they did not want to out grow their facilities… and having about 17-20 members was all that he really felt they needed. Did not want to dillute the membership from the core individuals that had been faithful all these years.

Wow… I sure hope that is not a common feeling… because I want to expose model yachts and sailing to every single person I can convince to come to the water’s edge.

You keep beating your drum Dick, and I will get you another stick if you wear that one out.

I voted “development”, and don’t own a one-design boat. However I could definitely see myself owning a one-design boat in the future (as well, not instead of). I think one-design has a lot of merit too.