Fastest run , "Maxif" Open 60 in 2014 sailing season 12.7km/hr!

During the 2014 sailing season, I was determined to see what my new design “Macif” open 60 yacht can do.
Towards the end of the season, I found the perfect day for the ultimate test.
Sailing started at 10:56, and the wind was already blowing at 11knots. The high wind eventually reached 24knots.
It was superb sailing at 12-15knots wind speed, and at this this range tat the yacht reached her fastest recorded speed, and I am posting
the video and recorded data here.

Beyond 15knots of wind, he boat started to get into trouble. The conclusion is that the drag of the fin-bulb begins to increase dramatically; thus preventing the boat to go faster than 12.7km/hr


vide here

nice one and the boat seems to go pretty well surfing the waves and accelerating. Well done