Fall Footy Racing in South Daytona.

On Sunday October 7th the SDRCMYC will hold the first races of its Fall Footy points series at the south end of the Club Pond in South Daytona. 10am measurement and warm up, first race planned for 10.30. Visitors are always welcome.

Did you get my email Paul?.. I do expect to be there. Can you give me a heads up on if 76 will be clear, I have 82 as an option.


Graham, 76 looks to be good if my club freq. list is current. Certainly not assigned to any of our Footy regulars and the members are pretty disciplined. 82 also looks good, might be wise to bring the spare crystals just in case. See you Sunday AM, SiRen ? Paul

Thanks Paul… I am bringing a Kittiwake too if you have a spare skipper who would like to try her out.

Can you email me directions to the pond as you offered today please, we will be leaving early friday morning, and a phone number if possible. Maybe I emailed you on the wrong address?


Graham, sent an e with directions via the link on this site. If you haven’t received it e me at: muddauber22000@yahoo.com Paul.

I got it thank you Paul… I notice the forecast has a chance of rain all week… hopefully they are wrong!


Rain and wind forecast for NE Florida this weekend, break out the ‘B’ rigs for sunday in S. Daytona!

A small group of the Footy faithful gathered on Sunday at the Daytona pond. Five were the South Daytona regulars armed with four Kittiwakes and a Footy 507, joining them Graham and Jan McAllister with what must be one of the best travelled Footy’s in the world, SiRen, with close to 10,000 miles clocked in the last 5 weeks. Wind and rain had been forecast, the wind mostly stayed away, the rain didn’t. After ten minutes of warm up the sky darkened, there were growls of thunder, lightning flashed in the distance and the rain started to come down. Boats came out of the water and the American contingent fled to the safety of their SUV’s. Curiously the two Brits just stood in the middle of the car park revelling in the Britishness of the weather (our favourite topic of conversation), and discussed the state of international Footydom, and the lack of foresight in not laying in a stock of plastic bags for the transmitters. When bags were finally found and racing commenced in the drizzle, only five boats took to the water. Despite a strong showing by Phil Ehlinger’s tall rig piratical looking Kittiwake which took the first race, the racing was controlled by Graham’s SiRen, who though occasionally beaten to the windward mark, finishe first in all the remaining races. Phil Ehlinger was second quickest, Chris Coxe’s bowsprit Kittiwake was just behind while Paul Taylor’s 507 managed to successfully throw away the lead in several races. finishing at the back of the fleet with Peter O’Briens standard rig Kittiwake. As boats fell out it ended up as a match race between the Brits before we all went home for a nice cup of tea, in my case with toast and marmalade. (real Brits dont eat muffins !) Next stop Raleigh, I’ll definitely stock up with plastic bags just in case, might keep the rain away.

Wonderful report, sounds like a fun time. Rain? If you can bring rain, I may award you a special medal. Most of NC is in exceptional drought. http://www.ncwater.org/Drought_Monitoring/

I’ll sail in the rain and be happy.

Comer off it Paul, we do occasionally eat real muffins - but they’re nothing like what the Americans call muffins. Those ae just fairy cakes. And while we’re about it, have you ever imagined telling an American (prefrably a doctor) about hot -buttered crumpets? :devil3::zbeer:

Got regatta anyway.

Good report Paul to which I would like to add a few photos from the day. Despite the drizzle (or maybe because of it :slight_smile: ) I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with your club footy sailors, a very nice bunch of guys. Jan even got the phone number of one of them… ‘glances at Jan as I type’.

Conversation was weather, boats and how to get to Raleigh for John’s event the next Sunday. A cunning plan was hatched, watches synchronised and like a well oiled machine Siren and myself transferred from one car to the other just south of Savannah one week later :). But that is a story for another report.

Thanks again to Paul and friends for putting this on and all the best with running the Footy Series you are planning there.


I just loooove the waterspouts. Where are the pirates, whales and devil fish?