Fairwind 900 [Focal Point #45]

My new Fairwind 900 [Focal Point #45] it?s almost finished.


looking nice

makes me remember of Will G’s Fairwind…

Hi all,
Here’s some pics from my Fairwind [Focal Point #45] maiden voyage.

Best regards,


Well done mate, looks great. :jump:

If I may make a suggestion to improve the performance even further.
The fitting of a jib leach line or uphaul will be and inexpensive and worthwhile modification.
Some very fine thread from the back end of the jib boom up to the attachment point of the jib stay at the mast.
Ajustable via a small bowsie allows you to set the correct curve of the jib to match the main.
A big improvment in performance for little outlay in time or money.
Best wishes for many happy hours of sailing. :shades:

something like this

Thanks Wis, I will do that.

Take a look at my maiden voyage video.




Focal Point #45 got rid of a collision.