Fairing Hull


Can somebody please give me some guidance regarding fairing the hull of my IOM build?

I have read conflicting accounts of when to do it - Should i add Epoxy & Fairing compound to the Balsa Hull, then Sand - OR - fibreglass the hull, then add compound and take it from there?

Some advice would be appreciated

These readings may be of some help !

I general anyhow, first you need to reinforce the balsa with glass layers, let says 3 x 80g, this will also provide water resistance when sanding with water paper abrasive.
After polymerization you can start repairing defects if any with mastic.
Personally I use the same one employed by body car repairs.

Follows water sanding up to 800 grade to get a perfect finish for paint application.
Various process can be found in this forum , one example may be found here from page 15 onward : http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/showthread.php?6251-43-900/page15&highlight=43-900.

Personally I wouldn’t be using to much car bog. This stuff is way too heavy. Epoxy and micro ballons is considerably lighter. When building an IOM you need to be quite weight conscious.

IOM hulls need to be under 700grams finished or they may end up over weight and that means slow. Every gram you can save is good because you get weight out of the ends and can carry ballast in the centre of the boat.

Hi Gareth,
Assuming the balsa is smooth and any depressions filled:
1st. Glass and Resin
2nd. Wait overnight
3rd. Resin/Micro balloon mix.

Cheers, Terry

Hi guys - thanks for all the advice. I’ll let you know how I go