I spent a bit of time when I first had my stroke, researching various fabric costs from different suppliers. I found it to be quite interesting and hope to share this information with others. Nothing better to do while getting better! [:D]

<u>A few comments first:</u>

  1. I used only cloth that measured at least 39+ inches wide - so that one width could be used to lay-up a one meter hull - although there seemed to be a nominal jump in size from about 38 inches up to around 50 inches.

  2. Some sellers listed their fabrics with only a minor difference in weight per square yard. I did not try to determine if really that accurate, or just a way to not have to compete by altering the specifications slightly. Is there really a difference between 1.4 oz. and 1.5 oz. glass - and is the 1.6 oz cost of $1.45/yd. accurate? I didn’t purchase and physically compare - but if you do … and you find errors… please post the corrections here for others.

  3. Discount Composites have an extensive line of products, but their tables are confusing, and I found I could not get an email answer to my email questions. If you know “Exactly” what you want and can find it there, they do have attractive prices.

  4. Prices shown are as of October 2004 and are US Dollars per lineal yard of the fabric and width shown.

  5. Aerospace Composites has a minimum “package” of 2 yards but I would worry it may come folded and have creases in the fabric from the fold.

  6. In the carbon fabrics - some sellers provided the “K” count - others did not - again, knowing exactly what specs you want will be very helpful.

  7. Prices for Fiber Glass Supply are per yard from 1 yard to three yards. Most sellers have price breaks for multiple yards - but I have based the table prices on a single yard length - or their minimum cut yardage.

  8. Lastly - there are lots more places that sell fabrics - so by no means does this list include all of them - but it may be a good reference point as to what “market” prices might be for the fabric you are intending to purchase.

I tried to “attach” a file - but that option doesn’t seem to be working - so here is a direct post.