F5E class info....

I have been very intrigued bout some boats shown in Lester?s site (http://www.onemetre.net/Reports/Wolf2004/Wolf2004.htm), I?ve been trying to google the class (F5E) but mo info there (lots of hits about the F5 fighter plane especially in the E version), can anyone help me found something about this class? From what I understand (from a Croatian site ? no English translation) it?s sailed in central Europe, but that?s all I could find.
By looking at the pictures I?m very intrigued about the rigs ?interesting solutions - and hull lines?..

Thank you for your help.

P.S. Am I in the correct topic?

Hi Gio

Try http://www.naviga.org/ for Naviga, the organisation which controls the F-5E class.

Lester Gilbert