F48 Nightmare-Ernst Zemann

Ernst, The MKI Nightmare I have been producing for the last year, designed by yourself has very forgiving charecteristics, is very easy to sail, and tacks on a dime. I must say that I am extremely happy with the design, and I recently turned my male molds into female molds! But after a year of building many boats and kits I am ready to take on another design to race against the original MKI boats. You mentioned that you have done some work on what you are calling a MKVI. I have a couple of questions in regards to this newest design.

  1. What kind of Crossbars do you anticipate using on this boat? Straight or curved?

2)Is this boat a slight variation of the previous MK boats, or is this boat a totally new design?

  1. Do you see any benefit to putting small rudders on the amas like I have seen on some of the 60’ tri’s?

The information you have been providing us with lately has been extremely helpful, keep it coming!

Ian Sammis