f/s-full kit Laser and nib V-32

Hey all, I hope this is OK, I didn’t see anyplace else to post this, so I hope I don’t break any rules.

I have these two boats; I bought them about 6 months ago, wanting to get into R/C sailing, but never did anything with them, and now have lost interest; any money I could recover would be better spent elsewhere.

The Laser is a full kit, A, B, and C sails, stand, bag, the whole nine yards. I does not have the wind vane or the rechargeable batteries. It has red hull stripes, not applied yet. Probably $725 or so invested.

The V-32 is new in the box; factory assembled, includes radio.I haven’t even unpacked it from the box. Hull is black with white sails, and it includes the accessory Gooseneck/Vang assembly. About $350 invested.

I’d like to get $500 for the Laser, and $200 for the V-32.

That would include shipping within the lower 48.

I am open to reasonable offers.

Please email me at azlectric"AT"cox.net, and I can provide a phone number so we can talk, and references. I am in the Phoenix, AZ metro area.



I just saw a Laser complete with all that you are listing sell on Ebay for $500.00 That might be an option for you. It was used twice. They are not leaping off the shelves. I had a brand new one that was sailed once for 20 minutes, and was built by Steve Lang himself and even with perfect condition and A and B rigs for $375 no one is interested. Good Luck.