F-48 versus MultiONE discussion

Matthew, thanks for screwing up my response to Cougar by blocking the topic! Maybe you aren’t aware, but once you submit a reply, if it dies or is rejected - there is no way to retrieve it.

For your information, since the beginning of this forum, it was agreed (with Chad) that F-48, Mini40, 2 Meter and MultiONE’s would all share the same site. Heck, we even allowed topics on Proas and on certain (ahem) foiler trimarans which fit none of these classes!

Maybe no one told you, but having a single topic was designed to prevent multiple posts, topics, threads and repeated information from showing up all over the web. All information on multihulls should be under this topic.

Would you please check with Chad, and unlock the topic so there can be multihull informtation posted? Or - if this site is limited to only monohulls, a post notifying all of us would have been approriate!

If you want to keep each class separate, at lease create the additional forums to allow them to be posted separately - although it means the same stuff will appear in more than one place. Something that all of us “dearly love”!


thanks dick
if you could get me the information before doug srcews thing up agian. i am now pissed. that is 3 trhread theat mods have had to lock up because of peolpe breaking rules. And I am getting emails from members regarding said person.
I am no wondeing if i should get into a cat
long live the cup

Ok Dick, So here’s another thread that will turn into a flame war. Well done.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

dick is not starting anything? i ask dick and yes a war has begun, dick is a good man. i ask for help and got cut off. you were right. but you have to think about something. wis has locked up 2 treads that doug lord was on. and then you lock one up. when i NEEDED INFORMATION.
so if you want to blame someone. look to doug. not dick.
and yes read my post in the pub.
i am tired. i have made good friends but only one person is wreaking this, and it is not dick
LLoyd Ertel
long live the cup

Hey no problem - need to give you guys something to do. [:D]

So the questions -

Is it OK to make my post here to respond to Cougar in the last post regarding plans, etc? -

Will the last post be unlocked so I can answer there to retain the integrity of that thread with an answer to Cougar’s question?


Is this going to strictly be a true MultiONE area - and if so,

Can I assume I can post F-48 stuff in the “NEW CLASS” area?

Just tell us the rules, man and don’t change stuff in mid-stream ! Will ignore what appears (to me) to be kind of a sarcastic reply.

As far as flame wars - a few statistics - you (and the rest of the readers) can be the judge…

as of about a week ago

455 registered users
4,212 posts

242 users
1,834 posts

Only one (1) person banned from WindPower. Same individual placed on “probation” here. Might want to direct your comment to that specific person. The rest of us got along fine on WindPower after he left… no fights, no flames, but still lively disagreements without anyone taking it personal.

Once again on a different topic but on this forum regarding “trim tabs” - a reader responds to the topic with his opinion, and in words a bit kinder than previous posts, Doug once again tells a person that he (the poster) doesn’t know what he is talking about ! Ahhhh, now why do you suppose Doug is involved with so many people in flame wars, yet those same people can seem to get along fine with others? Hmmmmmm. Need to contemplate that one later this evening.

But back on the initial topic - just give me an answer to the above please/


Cougar, you should learn about the issues and then go someplace where multihulls are sailed and try a cat ,a tri and a foiler. Then decide…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing