F-48 Nightmare value

I have a set of hulls for a F-48 Nightmare as built by Ian, plus a set of carbon heli blades for foils, carbon tubes for cross beams and a carbon mast. The hulls have not been joined, or any other work done. I am not going to get to them any time soon, so I will be selling them. Can anyone give me an idea what this sort of thing is going for these days?


please pm me when you figure out what you’re going to ask for the kit, i’m extremely interested…

The original prize for the full carbon/epoxy ‘SHORT KIT’ of the F48 ‘Nightmare’ without sails is 600.00 US-Dollars for the kit -

  • and I would assume 100.00 for shipping charges within the USA including a safe transportbox would be the minimum - for oversea shipping it could be 300.00 to 400.00 US-Dollars - as per my own experience -…-

Are there any plans, linedrawings , how-to’s and or buildingmanuals included? -
did Ian provide you with any? -

Best wishes, Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 27 years of experience and a special interest in multihulls

I purchased a short kit from Ian for $650 plus $100 boxing and shipping to Ohio. Clyde

The hulls are together, but I also purchased a complete ready to sail tri from Ian also. Big mistake as I work mostly on the ready to sail one. I also am working on the programming to make molds for the foil and rudder. Am a 54 year old neophite in trying to get a program together by hand as work is a production shop and we hire out all of the interesting programming.Clyde

Hulls are joined with 1/64 ply backed with .5 oz glass cloth. Took about 4 tries to get a joint that I was happy with. Neophite with regards to CNC programming for foil and rudder. I do simple programming ( drilling, boring or circular interpolation(look that up!)). To do this type of programming a computer program is needed to program offline, not at the machine as production time is sacred, toys come in second. Clyde

Ernst: I have four complete F-48 Nightmares ready to sail. You just need to take the boat out of the box, put it together and fine-trim it in about 15 minutes and go out for the first hot sailing trip.

The hulls are epoxy glass and appear to be made over a male mold. They are unjoined. I seem to recall a couple of them still need to be sanded smooth. I do not have any weights, but they are fairly light. The crossbeams are 3 1/2" carbon tubes. I am not sure what was included in the short kits, but I am figuring I would ask around half of that for this set.

If anyone wants to make an offer send me an email.


Hey, - that’s great! -

So for the first time in the history of the F48-class there are four different ready-to-sail secondhand Nightmare-Trimarans and one cheap fibreglass-kit available inside the USA! -

Maybe this finally gives the class the needed push to expand. -

Very well done! -

Best wishes, Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 27 years of experience and a special interest in multihulls

Alright kids, off to ebay this weekend. If anyone wants it I will sell for $350 shipped in the US.