F-48 Multihull "Ready-To-Sail" Option

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UPDATE: I was jumping a little quick there: the design of the X3 requires a rig that is further forward than a rig should be on a boat without foils so the Sport version will not work as well as I had hoped. microSAIL! will not produce a Sport version that will be interchangeable with the standard hydrofoil X3. A dedicated Sport version MAY be offered depending on interest in such a model. The fact that a Sport version would NOT be able to be upgraded to a hydrofoil boat is unfortunate and something I had not anticipated until doing detailed design work. The ONLY advantage a Sport version would have is lower price; performance ,ease of sailing etc. would be compromised compared to the standard X3.
UPDATE 11/17/03- The microSAIL! X3 is still the only ready to sail RC multihull available anywhere as far as I know; we’ve had some delays but the first boat will be sailing as soon as possible.
This boat is the only multihull available anywhere with retractable hydrofoils as standard and uses many of the proven parts of the larger F3 including amas, crossarms and rig.
Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing