F-48 MCOA Seeking Volunteers

Effective immediately, the Formula 48 Multihull Class Owners Association will be seeking a person or person(s) to take over the responsibilities of “Acting Secretary” of the F-48 MCOA.

The main duties will include, but not be limited to: Class promotion and membership development, answering email requests for informational links to builders, links to other owners, questions regarding the boat, building, sailing, purchase of used boats, purchase of plans, membership registrations and renewals, sail number assignments, interpretation of Class Rules, and acting as a contact with the AMYA “Open Class” secretary. You will also be the contact person to continue discussion and committee development within the North American Multihull Sailing Association (NAMSA) as the class affiliation with a huge U.S. full size, beach cat organization develops.

Doug Lord, as a manufacturer, is not able to assume this class administrative position.

I will make personal time available to transfer all files, pending correspondence, graphics, web information, rules, etc. to the person (or persons) volunteering for these tasks. I will also continue to assist the new secretary in answering class questions as they arrive.

I feel, that based on the most recent effort to provide information for a less expensive alternative to potential new members, I allowed myself to become yet once again engaged in disagreements with Doug Lord. These exchanges are becoming more frequent, and I realize that they may have a negative effect on the future growth of the class directly, and cast a bad light on the AMYA in general. For that reason, I have elected to step back from a possible conflict of interest as secretary and as forum poster, and as acting secretary feel this action is in the best interests in both the class and the AMYA organization. I cannot continue to voice my personal opinions in light of how it might affect the class when I am seen as acting secretary.

Please direct your email notice of interest to my attention at your earliest opportunity. Should no one volunteer, the administrative position and class administration will revert back to the AMYA Open Class.

In the most recent example, I have gone out of my way to provide alternative solutions to those interested but on a limited budget. These were attacked by the same concepts (as always) that have not gained acceptance anywhere in the world in r/c sailing on any level. My apologies to the forum moderators for the most recent problem that required locking the forum. Doug is welcome to continue to promote his foils and moving ballast theories from here on out without any response from the me being confused as acting class secretary. I will let whomever follows me handle that issue.

This will allow me to voice my personal opinions and views without concern that I am speaking as a class representative.

Since this is a class administration related public notice this thread will be locked and not open for discussion. Please address any comments related to helping administrate the class to the class secretary.

Daniel Sherman