Extreme 40

The 7th serie of “Extreme 40” will be racing this week in Nice (France) where I’m living . Good opportunity for some BackLight spots more close !!!.


You had to post these on a Wednesday morning, eh? I’m very jealous! You have a beautiful view.

For sure I will be on sea side , Promenade des Anglais, from tomorrow onward from 2 to 5 pm until the end the 2nd of October

Maybe an RC multihull in your future?

Multi are not my cup of tea, I do not have any experience in this type of model , but …with some expert help …
Let me first get close to them in order to get an overview and understand !

One of the short video .

This is one of the few starts of today, very disappointing ! Almost non wind !!

Pictures are coming !


No sailing event is “Extreme” without wind. I hope it fills in!

I think that tomorrow will be the same meteo, temperature 27-28°C up to the middle of next week, … too late ! the Extreme will be all gone to search for better wind !!