Experimental Footy Brigantine

Hello Folks,

After Drooling over Brooks Pond Topsl Schooner (http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1096365), i`m trying my hand at scratch building a Footy Brig / Brigantine.

I`m using Delftship to develop the model and create the Templates for cutting out the fuselage panels.
HMS Sultana a Brig is going tobe lending her hull lines for this project.

The Templates were cut out from thick cardboard to make a test prototype. Goes together pretty well :devil3:
Out of fun i loaded the boat up to 500g total weight and floatet her in the kitchen sink. That weight puts her right about where i would like to have the waterline.

i`m thinking of building a removeable deck to be able to switch between several rigs.
Due to the rule constraint of only using 2 servos she´ll not be a competition footy :wink: shes also about 1cm too large

The Mk1 Hull was very deep and it was suggested to make a hull with less displacement. The great thing with delftship is that you can so easily change your model :slight_smile:
So i raised teh knuckle line while keeping the original draft… a few minutes later and voila new hull templates and it was ime to start cutting ply. Unfortunately i only had 1mm ply and the size of the sheets i had didnt allow me to freely choose the orientation of the part on the sheet. So i had to change the bottom panels because i couldnt make the ply conform to teh lines of the bow… but oh well looks still okto me :slight_smile:
The Hull is now caulked with epoxy and i already test floated it in the sink again at 520g. Waterline is right where i would like to have it, and everything inside is nice and dry.


not much done today other than building the keel… it will have a fin keel that will be able to be moved to adjust teh CLR back and forward.

I hope that the keel will stay on with the fin keel attached… That`s a bit of a weak point of the design so far…

the rest of teh hull is sanded and after installation of teh rudder tube is pretty much finished

Some more done before bed…(really early departure tomorrow)… i made the removable deck :slight_smile:

the deck is held down by 7 screws and the bulwark overlaps the deck so a gasket can be put between the hull and the deck.

i`ll go for a 1 deck per rig approach. So rudder, rx and battery stay in the hull, the sail servos will be mounted on the deck upside down. So swapping the deck will give you an entirely different boat :slight_smile:

Got some more done today…

I built the Fin Keel. The weight tube is still only temporarily mounted but that might become a final sollution :wink: The fin attaches to the keel with 2 maschine screws and is moveable about 1/2 in forward and 1/2 aft from the center position.

and some more color and the rudder tube. soon the fun part begins :slight_smile:

made and installed teh rudder today. Testfloaign teh hull in the tub shows a turnign raddius about the same as my Kittiwake K2 footy… i just hope the big keel won`t keep her from turning at slow speeds… but then i should be able to steer with teh sails (or so i hope :D)

I have also marked and drilled teh holes in the deck where the masts will go. next will be the installation of rudder servos and selecting teh place for teh sail servos in teh hull. it will be mighty crouded… so far it looks liek i will have 1 servo for each mast just aft of the mast. The Servo mounted on teh underside of the deck idea has been discarded for lack of room to swing teh servo arms in the bottom of teh hull.

Starting with masts and sails

I’m not to fond of the colors :wink: but the shape etc looks awesome!

Keep it coming :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: i almost thought i was violating some anti brigantine taboo because there were no responses :diablo:

im now starting with the RC installtion. The rudder is a no-brainer... im not exactly sure where to put teh for and main brace / sheet servos (i`m installing teh main mast servo like for a squarerigged mast so i can change to a brig rig later on)…

i`m tending now to put one servo behind each mast…

I take it you’ve given up on the change-the-deck–change-the-boat approach? Looking good though :). Are you planning to use both sides of those servo-arms, or just haven’t decided which to use yet so you’ve both attached still?


Oh, and I forgot to say – looking good! I like footies with character, and this guy is going to have character in spades :slight_smile:


Thanks Rick :slight_smile:

The servos on deck idea had to be scrubbed as i would have been very constraint with servo arm length further down in the hull. The whole approach is still pretty flexible, just teh top’sls Sloop wont work as the fore brace servo is where the mast would be located.. but then if i want another one ill probably build another hull :smiley:

so far now i have all teh RC installed and the main mast sails are hooked up… the main staysail is rc too, but i don`know yet if it is going to have much of an effect.

starting with the foremast sails and yards

full set of sail :slight_smile: ready for maiden !

Maiden voyage :slight_smile: The boat sailed, she was steerable (of sorts) she didn`t sink and i got her back :diablo:

At first i had all sails set… too much wind for that… 10G15Kts so excessive heel, and due to the fact the keel was too far aft and teh lead container too far forward down by the bow. She was sailing close hauled nicely fast but i was absolutely unable to tack. Wears were working.

So i made teh adjustments to keel and lead. The trim was a lot better. I also struck teh main top’sl and the fore topgalant sail to reduce heeling. I noticed that i have a bit of an interferance with ym bentik boom and the jib sheets so i had about 60° yard arm swing on one side and only about 45° on teh other side… this cause changes from teh stbd tack to port tack to work (with sternboard) and port to stbd wouldnt even get close to teh eye of the wind. I tested again with teh staysail removed and she was even a bit more manouverable ... i guess ill just leave it off.
I also noticed that i have to completely redo the jib sheeting… it just has too much drag below decks so the line doesnt play out when slackened.. the too tight jib can also be a contributing factor to the difficulty of headng up to the wind. but shes looking good when she heels over revealing her copper in teh evening sunset light :smiley:

Sweet! Are all of those sails controlled? How do you handle the foremost jib?

That’s one cool looking footy! I hope you get the kinks worked out of the sheeting arangements and get her all trimmed out :slight_smile:


Yea rick all sails are controlled… BUT
The sheeting arrangements for jibs and staysail needs to be changed as it has too much drag below decks and the line doesnt pay out when the sheet is slackened... basically pinning the sails to a sheeted in position. Shes not a legal footy unfortunately as she uses 2 servos for sail control and i think my jib boom ist too thick and teh whole ship is maybe atad too long… 2cm
Hope to get all teh kink worked out as you say, but sailign this one will never be as easy as a sloop rig!

Meh, she’s a footy at heart, even if she’s got an overweight bowsprit and needs to lose a few cm :wink: