Ever See A Mini40/F48 Sailing?

Here’s a great video of a German Mini40/F48 that will provide you with the reasons why we “multihull” people enjoy the class so much.

Courtesy of the German RC Universe site. If interested in one of these to add to your fleet, let me know via email or PM.



That’s fun but it’s hard to tell how fast it’s going with all those close ups.

Just compare the mast speed against the far side location of the sailing area.

Be aware there are some slow motion shots - but you should be able to tell those easily.

You can also compare to water, wake, bow wave, etc.

One of my fellow Brits and one of our top multi-hullers, attached a GPS device to his Mini40 and recorded a top speed of 10.2knots.



Now that is cool - Im sure with our “creative” members we will see alot of these popping up all over our forums.