European RC Land Yacht Regatta results

Berck-Sur-Mer, France was the site for the 1st Annual European RC Land Yacht Regatta, held last October. It was held in conjunction with the grueling 6 hour race of full sized land yachts on the 12 km Atlantic Ocean beach. Model races were held for 19 craft in 3 classes. Check out the results & especially the photo gallery at:
Most of the competitors were French, but a California boat (Robert Weber’s Stiletto) won the Class 3 victory. Looking at the photo gallery, it appears that the French are coming up with some innovative & attractive designs. It was reported that up to 100 spectators watched the models race

The event was organized by Claude Travers in conjunction with IRCSSA ( IRCSSA President Simone Chiaretta, Milan Italy, competed in the Class 3 division. Congratulations for a well attended & successful event!

Bill K

ps; despite several attempts to break it, Tony Johnson’s rc iceboat speed record still stands at 36 mph [:-banghead][:-banghead] Oh, well, there’s always tomorrow [:D][:D] We’ve got perfect ice around here, following last week’s thaw which melted all the snow on the lakes. The main problem is the single digit temps[:-cold][:-cold]

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