Euro Grand Prix Footy Tracking

With the technology available today for real time communications, it would fun to track the races and as they happen for those that can’t attend. I have not met any of the Footy skippers yet, but thru these forums, it feels like I know some of them.

Start with a coplete listing of sail #'s, skipper, & boat designer for all entries. Simply post sail #'s in order of finish for each race.

Is this possible?

Hear, hear!!
And with modern electronic communication technology it should be quite possible to do the job in ‘real time’. At the very least, with the delay of an hour or two at most.
This would require a knowledgable person, who is not racing, to be ‘reporter’, in much the same way as we already must have as a ‘score keeper’. With the addition of a digital ‘movie’ camera, we could also have ‘pictures,as well as sound, at eleven’.
P.S. I won’t volunteer myself, as I just finished failing to find an e-mail message on my cell phone. I needed my daughter’s help.


it seems to me that you are so high-tech skilled to be able invent a micro web camera to be mounted on board our footys during races

real time, most obviuously

just like formula 1 car, or IACC yachts


Hi Flavio

I have looked into the onboard camera. There are some videos on youtube showing this:
I wanted to mount it at the top of the mast to watch mark roundings. I have taken regular video of events at our club ( to share at meetings. I is good for discussing rules with our new members.

I was given a gift certificate and am considering buying a very small Bluetooth GPS sensor ( that will interface with my Palm Pilot Centro phone. I was wondering if it would record accurate speed info on my Centro or Laptop.

It is nice to be retired with a lot of time to play, but it is hell being old.

BTW, You are one of the guys I wanted to track at the Euro GP.

Regards, FastFrank

This sort of thing is starting to happen a lot.

There was some national r/c races done live via web cam / streaming.

Also happens in World mountainbike coverage as well.

Cameras are at the event, and a website hosting the event is provided.

So start tracking - Charlie Mann or Toronto and his Lajabless are already here. Flavio Faloci and ‘Folgore’ are due in to Liverpool tomorrow evening with Bill Hagerup following on Friday morning andthe Dahlstroms on Friday afternoon.

All the fun of the fair!


Charlie’s a good guy, have fun.

Back to the issue of post races tracking, Can someone at least subnit the top 5 places after each race? There should be at least 1 Blackberry in the crowd.

By the way, what scoring system is used? e.g. 1 pt 1st, etc…

Thanks, Frank

P.S Go Flavio

my bro does live webcasting were covering a waterski event this weekend in destin florida which is why unfortunatly i cant make the footy events back in the uk. its a full on webcast almost tv quality unfortunatly not to cheap and even worse if there isnt a good internet conection close by as the use of the satalite dish we have is like $600 aday just to conect but as i said it is almost tv quality and if there was anuf funding it could easily be done.

if you have some free time over the weekend cheque us out on or

Let the Racing Begin. The Skippers meeting begins at 1PM local time today (8:00 AM EST USA) with first race at approximately 1:15 PM. That is just 2 hours away.

Good luck to all.

I will post the results following Charles who has kindly offered to write the race report

Whats with the rush. I can assure you that no-one who was involved with the Euro GP had time to do anything other than prepare - race - dry out - prepare - race - dry out for the whole of the 2 days.

If instant results are that important to you then the best thing would have been to be there. I have got a lot more important things I could do with $600a day for a live feed satellite dish or a humungous mobile phone bill.

At the moment Footy racing, in the U.K at least, is a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs getting together to race and talk about model boats. If someone feels the need to add another dimension to it then come along and do it - just don’t expect me to have much time for the make-up artist and the continuity girl. I have enough problems at the moment just trying to hang on to the transoms of Garry Sanderson, Bill Hagerup et. al.



There is some discussion of the Euro GP racing here:

I hope some of the individual sailors will share their experiences of what worked well & what didn’t from a design standpoint.

Maybe we can get some comments from Flavio as his boat sounds interesting and won some type of award.

I expect that somebody else more qualified than me ( … how are you angus ? ) will write a detailed report of birkenhead 2008 event.

Meantime :

lessons learned

top scorers were the boats best skippered, best tested, and best fitted ( sails, foils, hardware and so on )

a good design is only a single ring among a long chain of several factors

due to the fact that weather condition changed suddenly from nothing to 30 kts, to nothing again ( not to mention showers ), a “broad band” boat was a must. Boat designed for light or heavy weather were penalized

may be on a more regular race area, results would have been different
( may be not )

the “top question” : which one is the best design choice ? is still awaiting a final answer.
there is still a lot fuel to boost many other beer and pub discussions about this point

Folgore ITA 5

Somebody else than me should write comments about her, anyway :

Immediately after morning tests, sail servo refused to cooperate with my international effort. Rudder servo has been much more “proactive” clearly understanding the primary importance of its role.
To put it simple, all races have been sailed as a single channel rc

Fixed setting of sail was about 20° from longitudinal plane, enough to go upwind, but not enough to go downwind properly.

Even with such heavy handicap, I have been impressed from her windward speed and balance.

Without doubt her “look” has been discussed a lot

After a bit of tuning and refitting, I will try to test her on the internet course
… stay tuned …

folgore ITA 5

Folgore is a very attractive boat Flavio, very nice work. Sad to hear that you had the servo problem and were unable to replace it. I have learned to carry a spare of each now, I suppose you have too.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend from what I am hearing. An important part of the growing reputation of Footy racing is the fun, comraderie and beer drinking, the Euro GP appears to have added to the reputation in spades! Well done everyone.

I am looking forward to reading more… oh how I wish I could have been there too.


hi Graham,

many thanks for your nice words about my folgore.

yes I have learned the lesson about spare electronic …

… not to mention my sail servo, bill the great ( hagerup, of course ) also lost control of his rudder but with a pit stop as fast as a change of wheels on a F1 ferrari he has been able to install a new one and within half hour his cobra was as fast as ever

we hope to have you join the circus next year !

all the best to you

folgore ITA 5

Ok Charles is a little tied up at present so i thought it better not to delay the results any further

I will of course post the report in due course.

Congratulations to all participants and thank you again to our hosts


13 Gary Sanderson 30 1
427 Bill Hagerup 57 2
147 Trevor Thomas 90 3
149 Peter Robinson 96 4
14 Charles Mann 101 5
78 Charles Smith 103 6
155 Andrew Halstead 133 7=
12 Michael Vanderpeet 133 7=
5 Flavio Faloci 155 8
181 Andrew Trewin 185 9
163 Angus Richarson 218 10
71 Mark Holcroft SAT.ONLY 11=
174 Peter Hubbard SAT.ONLY 11=
172 Vernen Gee SAT.ONLY 11=
1 Per Dahistrom DNS DNS
2 Eivin Dahistrom DNS DNS
(Please accept my appologies but the forum automatically takes out the spacing)

An excellent turn out I think you will agree

Sounds like all y’all had a great time. 30 points over 25 races??!! Gary was on fire! Forget the box rule, did ya check him for a motor? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to read the full report. Great work everyone.

Hi Andy

Periods replaced the spaces to see if this would format results into columns. Here goes.

Sail #…Skipper…Pts…Pos
13… Gary Sanderson…30…1
427… Bill Hagerup…57…2
147…Trevor Thomas…90…3
149…Peter Robinson…96…4
14…Charles Mann…101…5
7 …Charles Smith…103…6
155…Andrew Halstead…133…7t
12…Michael Vanderpeet .133…7t
5…Flavio Faloci…155…9
181…Andrew Trewin…185…10
163…Angus Richarson…218…11
71…Mark Holcroft Sat only.12t
174…Peter Hubbard.Sat onl…12t
172…Vernen Gee…Sat Only.12t
1…Per Dahistrom…DNS DNS
2…Eivin Dahistrom…DNS DNS

Regards, Frank

Report & pictures now posted