Euro GP at Liverpool

When Angus went into hospital, the organisation of the Footy meeting in Liverpool was thrown into disarray. Initially it looked as if it woukld not be possible for it to continue. Over the past few weeks I have manged to rescue it in a slightly revised form.

The Birkenhead Model Yacht Club, just across the Mersey, have very generously agreed to take on the organisation of the sailing on their water and to provide a team to assist the Race Officer in the actula management of the event. This gives us the use of all their kit, their clubhouse canteen and loos, all of which would have had to be provided from scratch had we continued with the plan to sil in a park in Liverpool. The Symposium and accommodation arrangements, using Univesity accommodation in Liverpool still stand.

A Notice of Race and other paper work will issue very shortly.
Then, God willing, I can get back to getting a working Footy on the water in time for July.


Very good news, Russell…thanks for your work to keep this going. Hopefully we’ll see Angus there, too.

Bill H


Well done Sir, just the sort of news that Angus needs to hear.

Don’t do anything too modern with a Footy. Just get the Phinn competitive and put us all to shame :wink:



Thank you Russell
(Temporary footy registrar)

Very good news indeed. I’m looking forward to meeing all of you, especially Mr. Angus. :slight_smile: